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Light Tantra Vs Dark Tantra. How Are They Different?

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Sacred s*x is actually not any type of s*x, so discovering its ‘dark’ powers and forces from the energetic point of view, you will have the ability to make a difference between healthy sexual emotions or feelings and unhealthy ones, usually misunderstand as ‘sacred s*x.’

For good or bad, sexual energy can be quite powerful, and it is also the first mechanism of control of the mystical forces in order to feed on.

In today’s world, there is actually a lot of talking about this ‘sacred s*x,’ as well as ‘Tantra.’ A lot of such teachings, as well as workshops actually help a lot of people to work through trauma, sexual pains, shame, or even guilt they experienced.

The accent in the world of Neo-Tantra is usually more focused on the reaching of several powerful orgasms, then sexual pleasure and feeling attractive and sexy, also having excellent s*x, as well as a more clear concept of ‘heart connection’ and ‘love.’

What is sacred s*x and what Neo-Tantra?

Being part of the process of healing and the one of awakening, free discussions, as well as education about sexuality are quite significant.

For a long time, a lot of the ancient teachings about spirituality were distorted and suppressed.

In the present-day world, yoga is an important industry, which leaves incredible knowledge about the profound enigmatic teachings. This also occurred to the teachings of Tantra and sacred s*x.

Entire spiritual teachings which are based on the truth, are not just going to show you, as well as teach you ‘the way out,’ but they are also going to indicate you the way so you can come to the divine. The real practices about Tantra are going to transform the sexuality center of a person and not only the heart-centered, as well as emotional sexuality which relates to the partner.

The real teachings about Tantra are going to show you the pitfalls, as well as traps from the non-physical point of view. That side of the darkness in sexuality is the area in which hidden forces can actually have an influence on the sexual wishes of a person, and that person can misunderstand them as his own.

What is the importance of learning about sexuality’s dark parts?

Well, by learning this from a lively point of view, you will have the ability to make a distinction between the healthy and non-healthy sexual emotions and feelings which are usually misunderstood as ‘sacred s*x.’

How to make a difference between the dark and light Tantra?

Here are three tips for doing that:

Having the desire for learning.

It is undoubtedly a thing of truth and integrity in order to educate ourselves about the things that disturb us. This is actually what the concept ‘be conscious’ says, particularly when we are trying to teach other people about what conscious sexuality and s*x is.

Being humble, vulnerable, as well as honest with ourselves.

Every one of us is a work that is in progress, so the process of learning is never going to stop.

Keeping our mind open, as this is an awkward territory.

An educator about s*x or a teacher about Tantra that brings consciousness to such topics can actually be misunderstood as ‘fear monger’ or also judged about being a crazy individual.

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