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Want To Start Meditating? First, You Need To Understand What Meditation Is NOT!

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Have you been thinking about taking up meditation? First, you need to understand what meditation isn’t.

Meditation isn’t just sitting in a dark room and thinking or trying not to think. Sitting in silence and enjoying the privacy of your bedroom can be a wonderful way to relax, but it isn’t meditation.

If you think you are ready to start meditating, we have a couple of suggestions that you might find useful:

For starters, find a quiet and peaceful place.

Sit comfortably, keeping a straight back. You do not have to worry about body postures at this point. Just hold your back upright and breathe deeply, slowly and evenly through your nose. Hold your breath for a second or two and exhale, again, through your nose. Do it at a certain rate.

It’s very important to focus on the breathing. Some people use candles, flowers or pictures as something that can help them concentrate.

Here comes the tricky part. Focus your attention, effortlessly, without thinking of your breathing. When you think your thought have started drifting away, gently bring them to the center of your attention. Expect your mind to start rebelling; it will try to think of every little thing that exists in this world.

Do not be disappointed, that’s quite normal.

Gently call your thought back as many times as needed. Focus on how comfortable you fell.

For beginners, spending ten to twenty minutes a day in meditation is more than enough.

Don’t think of how to reach your goal. Whatever happens, it’s okay.

Staying completely focused during meditation is like trying to catch air. The more you try, the harder it is. Just let your thought come and go; don’t over-analyze them, don’t dwell on them.

Meditation is a natural process, it should happen effortlessly.

The longer you practice it, the easier it gets. Good luck!

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