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10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Human Brain And Its Capabilities

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The human brain and mind are incredible. They can help us reach any peak, make our dreams come true, and achieve the most difficult goal. However, if we want it all, we first need to understand the main principles on which our mind works.

1) For our mind, there’s no difference between reality and imagination.

The human mind reacts to every thought and can’t tell a fact from fantasy. That’s why people who like to look at the world through rose-colored glasses tend to feel happier, and that’s why our body accepts a placebo as if it was a real pharmaceutical product.

2) Mental work does not tire our brain.

The feeling of brain fatigue comes as a result of our emotions. The composition of blood flowing through our brain during its active work does not change. However, for instance, blood from the veins of an individual who has been working all day changes considerably.

3) Most commonly the brain works automatically.

More than half of our today’s thoughts are our thoughts from yesterday. That’s why it’s so tricky for pessimists to change the way they see the world. They should literally “clean” their mind and make it react to positive things regularly.

4) We see what we think about.

Any thoughts turn into our life experiences. For instance, if you dream about a trip to Rome, you’ll notice reminders of this city everywhere. If you want to change something in the world, change the way you think first.

5) Just like the muscles, the brain needs training too.

The brain doesn’t differ from our muscles: it needs training as well. Learning, fresh air workouts, a healthy diet, sound sleep, trips and journeys, new hobbies, making notes, dancing, and playing music are all useful for our brain.

6) The brain never rests.

Even when we’re asleep, our brain continues to work hard. Also, its activity during the night is even higher than during the day when we’re awake.

7) Shutting down from time to time is essential.

Unless we want to drown in our negative thoughts, we need to “shut ourselves down” so that we give a break to our immune system. Active rest is the most useful kind of relaxation for our brain.

8) It’s good to forget so that we keep the flexibility of our nervous system.

To “save” our new memories, our mind needs to get rid of old ones. It’d be cool if we were able to decide what we want to remember and what to forget. It would help if we used the information we wanted to preserve more often.

9) The brain is insensitive to pain.

Our brain reacts to pain but does not feel it because it lacks necessary receptors. However, this doesn’t apply to several blood vessels, nerves, and tissues that surround the brain.

10) We can change our brain if we want to.

Any activity makes the brain generate new neural connections. Therefore, if we think we can’t achieve a promotion, this idea will just strengthen our consciousness over time. However, if we believe we’ll succeed, our brain will give us opportunities to realize our goal.

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