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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Mercury Retrograde

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury retrograde is going to start from November 16th. This chatty planet is really pesky and it will make things a tad difficult for you. Don’t freak out if you find yourself blurting out something you didn’t want to say.

Your relationships may go through a tug-of-war for some time. Believe me, I feel you, Mercury Retrograde is a real pain. And this time, starting from November 16th, it’s going to last for three weeks! It ends on December 6th. But don’t get too worried.

It’s not the first time that it’s happening. We have gone through it before and come out just fine. We had to go through some messy situations but we have learned our lessons and grew in the process.

This retrograde will be the worst for Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius so if it is in your birth chart, be careful and aware of these situations:

Gemini: Manage your relationships

It’s your ruling planet that’s going to retrograde so you know it’s going to affect you, probably more than any other signs. Don’t trouble yourself. We have been through worse and we are in it together – we will succeed. The seventh house of partnerships is where the vibes of Mercury will be going for. So things won’t be looking perfect in your relationships. Be prepared because out of nowhere, your ex may pop up and that would lead to some deep-seated relationship problems coming up to the surface. This can even bring some issues with someone you are engaged with or maybe a business partner. Don’t get impulsive and break off relationships just because the planets are not on your side. It’s time for you to calm down, introspect and talk it through. It will do wonders.

Virgo: Chaos in the family

Your ruling planet has made you witty and intelligent, but you should know not to rely on it too much – when it goes to retrograde, it affects you much more. This Mercury retrograde is bringing some trouble in the fourth house which is of family and home. Some trauma of the past and family complications will come up now, and it won’t be easy to ignore it anymore. Home won’t feel as comfortable as it generally is. Don’t give up on your family.

Let time bring the medicine to whatever fissures there are in your familial relationships. You might find some closure after this period. Just don’t say something that you’ll regret. Clean up and organize your room. Let the feng-shui energy of harmony flow through – it’s a vital energy you need during this period.

Sagittarius: Insecurity about yourself

The Sagittarius season is closing in. It’s going to be your best time of the month. Only if the Mercury retrograde didn’t occur at this time. Unfortunately, it’s taking place and it’s going for the house of the self. Are you really feeling secured about yourself? If you look in the mirror, and find an unhappy person facing you, you might conclude something is wrong.

Maybe there’s something that makes you feel really strange about your own self. Mercury is speaking to you and it wants you to bring about some changes. It’s not always that you get this kind of message so use it to your advantage and think about reinventing yourself. That does not mean going for a new hair colour or sassy clothes!

Change your own perspective about things and most importantly about yourself – think about how you are projecting yourself in the grand cosmos. You are definitely worth it. And please, don’t try to implement any of your plans right now till the Mercury Retrograde is over. For now, it’s time to undergo a complete introspection and bringing the inner transformation.

For all you Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius out there, I know this will be a difficult time for you. But remember Mercury goes to retrograde three to four times a year so you have been through this. And you have survived.

So believe in yourself and just tackle it as you have done before. You know you can do it. Stay strong.

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