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Get Ready: Extremely Powerful 11:11:11 Portal Opens This Weekend

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by Conscious Reminder

From a numerological point of view, 11 is a number which is considered the Master Number, in which ‘Master’ means that it is has a high and intense frequency of vibrations and it actually works with the magical, transcendental and aetherial realms of the creation.

In fact, Master Numbers are those numbers which possess huge potential for growth, as well as learning, and they can make huge transformations in one’s life.

11 is actually a number which is full of intuition, and it is also a clear path towards our subconscious. Leadership, spiritual, as well as power on a personal level, are some of its characteristics. Just the number 1 on its own represents initiative, leadership, as well as new starts, so two of them standing one by one will open the gateway of powers far more than when separated.

A symbolic genetic code 11:11

When actually two 11s appear in conjunction, like 11:11, which is actually the code that awakens within the DNA of a person. The code 11:11 stars within a person a profound cellular ability to remember, which is actually the most divine, as well as sacred awakening which will initiate the power of the person’s soul.

11:11 is a code called genetic, and it actually awakens the intuitive and psychic gifts within people, and it also helps them to recall the origins of their soul on a deeper level. Although this world all over us can seem fractured, disconnected and separate, the code will guide people towards their homes, so they could see further on the illusions of the unspiritual world of disconnection, in order to experience the love or humanity.

The code will also open people’s hearts to the permanent nature of their souls, and they will actually be forced to awaken their most profound truths, as well as the most significant vision of the purpose of their soul on this planet. They will merely recall that they are created of love, so even in the darkest moments of human love is going to find its way always.

The 11:11 double Master Number, is actually a sing which usually appears when you really have a necessity of it, or at some times when our Universe sends people some messages of the divine support and love. We can notice this genetic code in clocks, magazines, billboards, shop receipts, license plates, car CD player, or in nature too, like trees conjunct in order to make the 11:11 code.

The 11th day of November in every year actually gives people the chance to operate with the greatest potential of such sacred remembrance key of 11:11 and it also expands their collective and individual hearts into quite good and awakened state of aware evolution.

From a numerological point of view, the word angel actually vibrates the energy of 22. Then the Angels of Creation enlarge their divine nature through all those directions of space and time (11+11=22).

The spiritual significance of the 11:11:11 portal

In 2018, the 11th of November (11:11) resonance of love remembrance will be in the Universal Year number 11 too (2+0+1+8).

One word ‘Shambhala’ is actually connected to the number 11 which is a Master Number, and this is an excellent word which is going to help people get the biggest potential of this 11 Universal Year which is 2018. This word is actually a Sanskrit one, which refers to Shealla or dreaming, and it is translated as some area of happiness, tranquility, and peace. Every one of us is free in the mind and heart to decide to experience heaven on Earth, which is a place of Shambhala.

However, what this portal of potential means for every person? Actually, it supplies with an enormous catalyst of potentiality, collectively, as well as individually.

The energies of this portal enlarge upon the dual powers of 11:11 and the 11 Universal Year.

It is a compelling point, a chance to take a look on our past, as well as on the future too, or in our present. It will be a time to stop and think about our decisions or being aware of taking actions when it comes to the desires of the heart, as well as the soul’s calling.

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