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The Bedari Kindness Institute Established By UCLA Is Going To Give You A Degree In Kindness

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by Conscious Reminder

In light of the ongoing strife and violence, the University of California received a huge donation from the Bedari foundation in order to bring about peace.

Now, the University, along with the foundation, is establishing the Bedari Kindness Institute. The official statement from the university is that this course would be foundational.

Also, the University would ensure that great opportunities are provided to the students who would be taking up this course. The main framework would be researches throughout the world, based on kindness.

The Foundation has been spending around $20 million to get this off the ground. According to Newser, it would be an interdisciplinary institute.

Kindness would be taught, using economic, political, biological, social, and evolutionary processes being taken into account. After all, generalizing different walks of life isn’t really the way to go.

Therefore, this unique approach could actually be suitable for providing and spreading kindness across all areas on the globe.

The most interesting, and perhaps most advantageous part about this course is not just the degree that comes, but the development as a human. When you are taught about kindness, and you practice kindness, even if it is a project, you still inculcate those habits.

Being kind actually helps in reducing cardiovascular problems and depression, whilst also bringing about a well-rounded sleep cycle. It also helps in fighting genetic diseases, according to Newser.

This organization is actually the brainchild of Matthew C. Harris, a former student at UCLA. The name comes from the first two letters of his children’s name- Dakota, Beckett, and Riley.

The name was suggested by his wife Jennifer, who believes that it is equally important to be good, upstanding citizens of the country, as it is to be good parents. The Harris’ want their children to grow up in a kind world and spread kindness wherever they go.

The primal target of this institute is to correlate kind words, with kind actions. They want to provide this knowledge, which would help in spreading kindness across the world.

UCLA Professor of Anthropology, Fessler believes that this is going to be a great idea. He’s always of the opinion when kind actions and kind words correlate, the result has to be good. Two positives cannot make a negative.

This isn’t just researches, papers or books, for even reality reflects this. Ask any millionaire or self-made billionaire, and they would tell you the same thing. Kindness is key, for, what goes around, comes around.

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