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Developing Psychic Intuition Through Clairvoyance Meditation

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by Conscious Reminder

Clairvoyance is a word which comes from two words from the French language, and they are clair, meaning “clear,” and the word voyance, meaning “vision.”

From this, we can understand its meaning and what it is about. Clairvoyance means to have a very clear vision when it comes to spiritual realms and the various energies which play in those dimensions.

When talking about psychics or clairvoyants, the stereotype which comes on the mind are some images of fortune tellers who tell others what they should expect in their future.

But, this isn’t true about clairvoyance. We are all capable of developing our clairvoyant intuition or use that intuition in making decisions or taking actions.

With the help of clairvoyance, we may receive images and insights about our past, future, or present.

We can receive them through some spontaneous flashes happening in the eye of our mind, or precognitive dreams too. Then, we will have the ability to see our spirit guide’s identity and build a much clearer communication.

In order to develop our clairvoyance, we need to have the ability to attain higher consciousness levels. We have to also work on our spirituality, which we can do in a few ways.

One of the most common ways would be through using our third eye’s powers. Another effective and helpful way would be through meditating constantly.

Using visualizations in order to channel our spiritual energies will permit more efficient and helpful meditation. One good example is the so-called Ancient Tibetan rainbow meditation.

First of all, we should begin by bringing our body into a state of relaxation. We can do that by regulating our breathing. We should breathe in through our nose, and breathe out through our mouth. We should not breathe too deep or too fast.

We should do it right. Then, we are going to feel that we do it right when our heart would be steady and calm, and we will feel some kind of lightness in our body.

The second thing we have to do is relax our thoughts. We should stop thinking about some unnecessary things, or worrying about our job and what tasks we left undone. We should let everything go. We should let go of negative emotions, sadness, anger, fear, and doubt.

When our mind and body are finally relaxed, we should imagine ourselves on some path that leads to a rainbow, which is close to us and we are able to see the various colors it has vividly.

We should come closer to it and walk through its different layers. We should start thinking about warm feelings such as compassion and love.

We have to let the warm energies and feelings fill us and make us feel compassion and love for ourselves and for other people too. Walking further will make us start thinking about happy thoughts and memories.

We may even see some joyful memories which we have forgotten. We shouldn’t be afraid of everything that we would see.

As we will walk further in the brightest parts of this rainbow, we will start feeling enlightenment. We will realize that our perceptions became stronger than previously. Proceeding further, we will feel relaxation and calmness.

We will become a person with a spiritual dimension. We will release every negative thought or emotion that holds us back. We will be at peace with ourselves and our spiritual guide too.

When we come to the final layer of the colorful rainbow, we will feel empowered. We will feel that we became more courageous, and we will not be afraid of our uncertain future anymore.

Once again, we should absorb all the feelings and contemplate on them. We may feel a little bit overwhelmed, but it will be a sign that we already reached some specific consciousness level for clairvoyance.

Before ending the meditation, we should ensure to relax first, taking our time actually to be conscious of our physical body once again. When prepared, we should open our eyes slowly.

Having the ability to heighten our consciousness level will take constant practice. It will take time and also training in order to develop our clairvoyant intuition. Although the process is slow, the rewards will be lasting and useful.

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