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December Astro Forecast: Powerful End Of The Year

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by Conscious Reminder

Here, we will talk about the beginning of December, when the Mercury retrograde occurs, and about the planet Venus entering in the sign of Scorpio from its opposite ends.

The journey of the planet Mercury will take communication into profound, mysterious, as well as powerful, obscuring some secrets, and exposing unpleasant things in which we would like to hide, cleaning up or exploring some old business.

Also, socializing will become selective and intense. People choose quality instead of quantity, so several honest and meaningful conversations, instead of casual or flurry chats, as well as networking.

Such choices are actually the final result of some experiences from recently. Implementation of impulses and retrospective will underline the relating, because the planet Venus will make the ultimate pass, during the entire month, over some matters that she had visited in October and September.

What are we going to discover about our self-worth, values, as well as a relationship? There will not be processing anymore; the time of acting on everything is now, especially today, the 2nd of December.

Anyway, there will be optimism and buoyancy abound with some higher spirits and a widespread forgetting to utilize the voices from inside. Communications will start lightening at the time Mercury goes direct on the 6th of December, taking flight with the New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius.

The astrological forecast for this month shows how the Moon is in a shoving match with the planet Mars being the hero of the action, and with Neptune, the dream weaver, expanding the carnival atmosphere which blanketed the weekend of Thanksgiving. This means that the period may send uncontrolled indulgence, as well as expansiveness to some incautious territory.

Then, the pace will grow even more vibrant; the noise will become louder at the time Mercury progresses into the fiery sign of Sagittarius on the 12th of December. From that period on, it will be happiness, laughter, partying, and political arguing.

You should watch for some chances to stabilize relationships, desires, or some financial matters too, around the 16th of December. On the following day, some efficient, powerful, as well as targeted actions will come easily.

Prior to the expected solstice, we will feel like we break out from an egg, at the time when the Sun will make the final move from the sign of Sagittarius to the planet Uranus, which is in Aries.

The solstice will happen on December 21st. So, the annual entering of the Sun in Capricorn will launch winter season in the North Hemisphere and summer season in the Southern Hemisphere.

This solstice, as well as the following season, will bring a beautiful connection between the lady of love Venus and the lord of love, the famous Neptune. They will bring inspiration, forgiveness, compassion, as well as universal connections, whereas the planet Mercury will meet Jupiter and set people’s mouths and minds joyfully on fire.

With the coming of the season of holidays, there will be screams for some attention, but problems of the family, home, traditions, and even nurturing. Each of this is going to be under some scrutiny during the Full Moon in Cancer, occurring on the 22nd of December. You should not take a lot of things personally, such as the individualistic actions you may take.

At the time of the Christmas Eve, nostalgia will appear, feeling like returning to old days or the retrograde of Mercury, or even both.

According to the astrological forecast, the month is going to end with some powerful days. On December 26th and 28th, desires will seek some fulfillment. We will finish this year confident and clear about the person we truly are.

With ringing out old things, some energy will appear, forcing us to make some plans or jump on those plans, before midnight. Reworking and dithering are the final ones. The planet Mars, which is actually the one that rules actions, will go home in the sign of Aries.

Life will not just feel filled up of possibilities, but we are going to burn with the drive in order to recharge directly into it.

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