2019 Numerology: Let Your Creative Side Shine

by Conscious Reminder

The end of the year is nigh. It’s already December and now we need to reflect and think about how this year went by.

11 was the dynamic master number of 2018 (2+0+1+8=11) that brought a lot of turbulence within us and the world; some good, some bad. With two ones, there was divine inspiration and there was some intuitive action.

Now, moving on, we should plan for the future, make a few New Year resolutions, and try to stick to them. But it’s always better to know how the next year is going to go. Good news is – 2019 will be a creative year. So get your personal voice out there and express yourself in the best way you can in relationships, work, and your own artistic creations. Let your imagination run wild!

How do we know this?

It’s quite simple once you know the science of numerology. The creative ‘3’ is marking the year 2019 (2+0+1+9=12/ 2+1=3). Don’t be afraid to use your creative force. The year 2019 will be there to back you up and you couldn’t really get it all wrong.

Ignite the creativity in you

31st December – the clock will tick past the 12 mark and everyone will cheer ‘Happy New Year’. 2019 is here, bringing imagination and creativity onto the table only for you. How will you respond to it? Will you be accepting it or be afraid of it and let it slip? The choice is yours. There will be fear but leave your insecurities behind and connect with your creative-selves. Go to a book club. Start blogging. Pick up a brush if you have to. This year you can share your voice – express it however you want.

Calculate your personal theme

Your personal theme this year will be decided according to your birthday. All you have to do is add your month and day of birth with the year and then according to the number that you get you can plan your dreams. It’s that simple! Add your birth-month to your birth-day, for example, if your birthday is on the 1st of April then: 4+0+1+2+0+1+9 = 17 (1+7=8).

So as your number is 8, you have bagged yourself the quality of empowerment in the year 2019. This means that you are not supposed to hold back your expressive traits. Explore them to their maximum capacity.

What is your Personal Theme for 2019

Any of these numbers can be your personal theme. Calculate and then check these definitions to understand what you might have to face. Embrace them; overcome the challenges and live 2019 to the fullest.

1- New beginnings

You might have a new beginning this year, perhaps a fresh job offer or a new opportunity coming up. However, you will face problems deciding whether to take up the job or not. There will always be fear of the new.

2 -Connecting with people

This year gives you the ability to connect with people more intimately, be it in a social situation or in business. You’ll start making deeper connections everywhere. Problem is – you might be afraid of caring deeply and having your heart broken over it.

3-Being creative

The creative force will spark up inside you. You can engage in writing or spoken poetry or painting, whichever side you lean towards. But you’ll be afraid of sharing your voice. Try overcoming it.

4-Building and organizing

You may have been messy but discipline will take over you this year and you’ll become more organized. After all, creativity is making you create things; you have to be a bit more organized. But you might also feel bogged down with too much work.

5-Being out there in the world

You will be going out more, meeting people, and enjoying a great social life. However, you might fear the loss of your liberty or be overwhelmed by all this.

6- The heart matters

You’ll start dealing with important relations in your life –partner, family, community, etc. There might be a marriage or a new birth. But as always, there will be challenges like burdening yourself with responsibility or loss.

7- Connecting with the spirit

Your spiritual energy will connect with your creative flow and you’ll see the world from a new perspective. The problem, however, would be the fear of speaking out or becoming less sociable.

8- Abundance and leadership

You are creating, you are imagining, and you are planning things out. You might end up being a leader with an abundance of energy. However, with leadership, you might have to deal with too much responsibility and feel oppressed instead of feeling proud.

9-Transforming yourself

The creative force gives you a new perspective on things. Try to look inside and examine yourself – decide which path to take. The challenge is whether you can accept the shown path or not.

11/2- New ideas

You’ll have new ideas coming your way and they will seep into your actions and relationships. But you might have too many dreams and would be confused about which one to act on.

22/4-Building yourself

You might become masters in relationships and in constructing yourself. It’s time to connect with others in a deeper way.

Like all years, 2019 will have its challenges but don’t worry! You can connect with your spiritual self and build yourself anew. Master 2019 in your own way. Good luck!

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