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People With A Spiritual Gift Are Affected By These 6 Strange Things

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

All people are gifted in one way or another. There are gifts that are visible and easy to express and recognize, but there are also these subtle, ‘dormant’ gifts that make us standout of the crowd and sometimes even feel supernatural and eccentric. 

Gifts like those are the spiritual ones. And while spirituality is often connected with development and personal growth that should make us rise above the common problems and issues, spiritual gifts can sometimes be a tough bite to swallow.

If you posses one and want a normal life you need to learn to manage your gift and take control over things.

Below you can find 6 things that usually affect spiritually gifted people, and if you tick the box for a couple of them, you are one of them too.

1. The Lunar cycles.

The moon is at its strongest during the New Moon and the Full Moon. During these moon phases, spiritually gifted people have difficulty sleeping or may even be restless.

2. Waking up between 3:00 and 4:00 AM.

Known as the ‘Witching Hour’, this specific time of the day is believed to be where the magical powers are at their strongest, which means it could boost magical activity or make weird things happen.

Thus, if you find yourself waking up or having difficulty sleeping between these hours it could be a hint that you have a spiritual gift. Should this happen to you, instead of freaking out, do something that can enhance or tame your powers such as prayer or meditation.

3. Animal attraction.

Animals have senses that are stronger than humans. They’re able to smell emotions like anger or kindness.

Because of this, they’re able to sense our aura, which makes them gravitate towards someone who is spiritually gifted.

They’re attracted to the spiritual energy of these people and they feel protected and safe in their company.

4. Being approached by strangers and ‘weird’ people.

Most often, spiritually gifted people attract strangers who need help or healing, whether that be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. On the other hand, people considered as ‘crazy’ by the society may regularly come their way too.

These people aren’t downright insane, in fact, they’re enlightened but unable to make sense of it yet. What they need is guidance from somebody more illuminated so their subconsciousness leads them to people who are spiritually gifted and can juggle with things they cannot even understand.

5. Sensing weather changes.

They have this natural ability to sense when a storm is coming. Even if it looks like a perfectly sunny day, they know it’s still going to rain.

This may be so because their gifts are connected to Nature and their strong connection to the spirit of Nature enables them to sense the changing of weather or seasons.

6. Ability to ‘smell’ negative energy.

When they enter a room they are like walking radars for energy. Even the slightest quanta of negativity in a room is detected by their overly sensitive radar.

They know immediately if something bad happened in a room before they got there, or what people think and feel when they look at them. Their gift of sensing negativty is not there just to torture them sensing what others are almost blind to.

Their gift is there to help them see where to use their skills and energy, what needs healing, and what they should avoid when they are energetically tired. Their overly sensitive nature enables them to sense positive energy much better than others.

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Linda Sutherland March 8, 2019 - 11:22 am

This is the first time I have ever seen this stuff I could never explain even to my own self. The insight and strength I have felt through this has been amazing and I’m so glad to have found this thank you


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