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Consciousness And Its Altered States

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by Conscious Reminder

Nowadays, there are a lot of teachers of consciousness, but not every one of them has the humor, intelligence, insight, academic training and personal experience like Ram Dass has.

Ram Dass is probably the most famous and beloved American spiritual figure, and he marked himself in this world with teaching, as well as promoting some kind services, harmonious practices for businesses, and even conscious caring for the ones that are dying.

The spirit of Ram Dass was a guide for about four generations, also carrying a lot of others on journeys, as well as helping in freeing them from bonds while working on his own bonds too.

Ram Dass is known as the teacher of the teachers and a lot of people celebrate him, as they got inspired by him.

Sometimes, you probably perceived your life in completely different ways, or perhaps you also think that there are probably some realms of perception and experience which are greater, as well as more astonishing than the ones of ordinary life.

Have you sometimes wondered if there are ways of reaching and experiencing some higher state of consciousness?

Have you ever heard that some people entered ecstasy, euphoria or bliss, without taking some drugs or practicing, and who also speak about them as the real state for each human?

You are probably practicing meditation, yoga, martial arts, or you are even interested in developing your real self, or you are following a spiritual way, hoping to gain some insight into life secrets, or even using and contracting a better intelligence.

If you are interested in some alerted potentials of your mind, as well as revealing some powers of insight and creativity, which are going to place you on the scale of geniuses or elevated beings having different ages, here we have a documentary for you.

The documentary and interview, which lasts 80 minutes in total, is actually designed to permit you to hear a conversation which you will probably never hear again, anywhere.

The documentary informs us how our mind is working, and it can also alert our perception about what life will offer us. Everything is explained in an easily-comprehensive way. 

This brilliant and unique video, which is coupled with some rare and beautiful images from the country India, as well as 3D graphics used to enrich the explanations and stories, makes it an experience with, in fact, the most perceptive and influential teacher of the potentials of human beings.

In this 80 minute video, Ram Dass presents the lifetime of experience and knowledge, covering in the most possible and clear way the purpose, as well as the real potential of our lives.

Ram Dass is originally a professor of psychology at the University of Harvard, and his real name is Dr. Richard Albert. He works together with Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary; together, they have influenced an entire generation of individuals about alerted powers of their mind, states of ecstasy and consciousness states.

Ram based everything on a methodical, rational and scientific framework, in that way permitting the profound and most reasonable and meaningful experiences of humans, to be accessible to every person that loves to explore. 

The discoveries he made also benefited in increasing the understanding of consciousness and psyche, and also importantly enhanced many lives of people.

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