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13 Clear Signs That You Are Ready To Ascend To New Earth

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by Conscious Reminder

Every one of us has its vibration, and interestingly, our planet also possesses its vibrational energies.

According to some researches, it was said that there is a new planet Earth formed that is going to be populated by a lot of people in the future. The new so-called Earth is going to be the final result of manifestations of some individual outcome.

For example, that could be said about people who believe in the flat Earth theory and who may go there, to that Earth. Also, the powers of thoughts and desires are just like that.

These are the 13 signs which show that a person is prepared to go to this newly discovered Earth:

1. Experiencing some synchronicities.

Seeing some numerical patterns such as 11:11, 3:33, 1:11, 5:55, and so on, can be a good sign. Most of the time, a person will see the date of his or her birth, for instance in some phone number or even when checking the time. This is not a mere coincidence at all.

2. Manifesting desires and wishes more easily.

The mind of a person is immensely powerful so that it may create everything he or she truly desires. The best thing is focusing on optimistic thoughts only. The person will have the ability to manifest his or her desires, making it a great experience.

3. Change in the habits of eating.

A person is going to find himself or herself eating just small amounts of meat, and great quantities of vegetables, as well as fruits, which are produced organically. They will crave for particular foods at such times.

4. Having meaningful and relevant dreams.

When conflict or tensions are not there on their mind, a person is going to have more peaceful and prophetic dreams. They will say goodbye to all the nightmares, as well as frightening and terrifying dreams.

5. Having a powerful desire for truth, although it may be contradictory to their system of beliefs from previously.

Searching for truths, a person would like to challenge his or her beliefs. For them, the truth is everything that really matters, so dishonesties are going to upset you a lot.

6. Understanding fear, and releasing it too.

A person will have the ability to break the fear mechanism that is going to help him or her to understand that fear better. One excellent way of doing that is shutting off the TV and quitting the reading of newspapers. Once breaking free from it, a person is going to receive manifestations and synchronicities easily.

7. Sensing some thinning of a dimension.

A person may start seeing energies, out of the corner of their eyes. A lot of them will see some orbs, whereas others will sense specific energy surrounding them.

8. Start experiencing glitches and time loops.

Having a déjà vu feeling quite frequently is one sign. Also, a person can find himself or herself experiencing some unknown things, such as placing the keys of his or her car in a specific place every day, and one day, they will not be on that spot. A person has to notice such glitches attentively, and pay more attention to the time loops, or their frequency of occurring.

9. Distancing from their friends and family that do not understand them.

Often, a person will find himself or herself distancing from people that don’t understand him or her. Moving to a higher vibration, a person may lose them, but he or she should not worry as their friends and family are still going to be there, but it is simply that the person is going to connect with individuals with similar vibrational energies.

10. Experiencing unexpected shifts in energies.

Certain days, a person will feel quite energetic, whereas, on other days, he or she may feel quite exhausted. These shifts in energy are very normal.

11. Hearing some high pitched frequencies.

Sometimes, such frequencies may be quite loud to one ear only, whereas sometimes they can be to both of the ears. Such sounds can be connected with increasing frequencies of the planet Earth as the body of the person tries to integrate to them.

12. A desire of going home, regardless of where that home is.

Sometimes, a person will look at the sky and the stars, as well as wonder which of the star systems is or probably can be the planet that they originated from. A lot of people will feel affinities to the Lyra, Pleiades, Orion or Arcturus, and others will feel just like they are in their home on the planet Earth.

13. Start experiencing some metaphysical capacities a person never had before.

A person may start hearing or seeing some things that go beyond the ordinary powers of perception of humans. That can be something like bilocation, telepathy or even clairaudience or clairvoyance.

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