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What You Need To Know About The Nice Girl Who’s Unbelievably Tough

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Though unbelievably rare, these girls are best described as a coconut- tough on the outside but soft on the inside.

It is because she knows having a kind heart is a weakness in today’s selfish world and rather than being used for personal gain, she has taken it upon herself the task of protecting her gentle nature.

1. Tough cookie

She is a complete badass. She remains true to herself and doesn’t pay any heed to what others have to say about her. As she knows her good nature can be exploited, she has her guards high up. She is unapologetic for being strong. Nevertheless she is a down to earth person and never smug.

2. Word keeper

You can confide in her and trust her with your secrets.You can also share almost anything. She treats everyone with kindness and respect and this quality of hers, attracts people like a swarm of bees. She is honest and genuine and you will not regret relying on her.

3. “I am sorry”

She takes full responsibility of her mistakes and is never egoistic in accepting her faults. But that doesn’t mean she would be taking up blame for things she didn’t commit. She may be nice but can’t be bullied. She has the guts to call out hypocrites.

4. A good communicator

She has no problems in stating clearly what’s in her mind or heart. She may have been hurt several times, but that doesn’t make her clogged up. Rather she will communicate all her feelings with you to avoid future misunderstanding.

5. She knows what she wants

She clearly knows what her desires and aspirations are and doesn’t like hiding behind a façade of mystery and unanswered questions. She is open minded and clear, and that makes her all the more attractive.

6. A good human being

She is loyal and honest and sticks to you through thick and thin. If you have such a trustworthy angel in your lives, count yourselves lucky.

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