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The Two Types Of Cosmic Connections You’ll Encounter – We Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident

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All our lives we search and seek to find the one who will complement and complete us. Often people confuse longing for inner peace and balance for the want of true love. Although the two have a connection, obtaining one with out the other isn’t enough.

A person must find balance and peace with in themselves by finding their own way and life path. Once a person begins this journey a mate of the same likeness will be attracted to them. Mates who share common life paths and destinies are often referred to as soul mates. The bond that two soul mates share is established before their physical manifestation. These two people’s destinies are intertwined. They often hold the keys to each others mental, spiritual, and physical evolution.

Not all soul mates are intimate, and you may have more than one per lifetime. Regardless of preconceived notions one will always when they have encountered a soul mate. Good or bad, it is always a life changing experience.Soul mates are two soul from the same soul group. Meaning that when everything was infinitely connected, before the fall into the physical dimensions, these two souls were one.

Soul mates have met many life times and are continually bound to each other by karma and destiny. When these souls come together in harmony with themselves; each other, and their destiny, they will find that their purpose n this planet is to create change and assist with bringing forth the coming universal consciousness.

Twin flames are the soul reflected opposites of each other. Meaning that in the spiritual and physical realms this person is the dualistic reflection of you soul. Many people have different arguments claiming that this is not the same as a soul mate, but push forward to give similar descriptions when it comes to the nature of their relationships. I encourage everyone to do their own research when it comes to that matter and arrive at your own conclusions. Regardless if they are the same they hold a significant role in spiritual mental and physical development.

As fore-mentioned there is more than one soul mate per person, but there are also different types of soul mates as well. The main two are Karmic and Cosmic. A Karmic soul mate is someone who comes to teach you an unfinished lesson and balance your karma. There will come a point in the relationship where it becomes turbulent and unstable, but one will feel the same connection as that of a soul mate. You may experience many of the same signs and symptoms of a soul mate relationship, but ultimately the relationship will result in major life changes for the people who experience it.

A Cosmic soul mate connection will be almost instant. It may feel as if you have known each other your whole lives. Conversations will flow things will seem very natural between you. You will have similar life paths with your cosmic soul mate and they will most likely come into your life unexpectedly. You may notice that the two of you have a very strong psychic connection. You will most likely share some sort of 11:11 connection either in your birthday, day you met, or other significant numerical situations. When you speak to or are around your soul mate you may feel a sense of completion and oneness with this person. You may even experience a sudden calm or stillness with in, this is you soul mate realigning and healing your past emotional and mental scars.

Both types of soul mate have a purpose. The Karmic soul mate comes to strengthen us and put us on a path to serious self introspection. They may bring out the worst in us but this is like an emotional detox. By doing so they allow us the chance to take a good look at a lot of subconscious emotional toxins. It is up to us to decide whether or not to fix them.

If we do, often times we begin the journey to true enlightenment and soul fulfillment. The cosmic soul mate counter acts the process of the karmic soul mate by giving us the healing and warmth we need to grow after suffering through the violent detox that was our karmic soul mate. These people come into our lives to bring us not only healing but closer to our true selves. They assist us with the defeat of our personal demons and support us with that struggle. They also come to assist us with both our personal and spiritual ascension process.

The main difference between the two in my eyes is that a karmic soul mate is hindered in some way from establishing the soul ties necessary to create a soul mate connection in this lifetime. Where as the cosmic soul mate will be MORE THAN READY and able to do so.

If you are looking to attract a soul mate there are many meditations, rituals, practices, candles to light, and colors to wear but the most important part of attracting a soul mate is becoming whole with in self. Find your inner peace and balance and this will reflect back to you in all relationships.

Here are a couple tips to follow when you are ready to attract a soul mate.

  • Colors to use (wear or candles to light) : pink, blue, purple, and green. These colors resonate on a higher frequency and will aid in aligning your spirit to be ready to receive your soul mate.
  • Create love affirmations in your own words to reprogram your subconscious mind to accept love.
  • Listen to 528 hz love frequency and align and clear your heart chakra. This can be done through meditation, yoga, or mantras.
  • Take an honest look at your self and strive toward self improvement.

When you suspect someone may be a potential soul mate you will be prompted by several signs.

  • 11:11 ties
  • telepathic connection, for example you think of them and they call or you might do or say things at the same time.
  • You will have had a lot of similar life experiences.
  • You will both be ready to form a soul mate connection.
  • Will feel like the relationship flows
  • You will both accept each other as you are
  • You will try to avoid unnecessary conflict
  • You become more than “lovers” you may become friends, business partners, ect.
  • After coming together you will see dramatic growth and life improvement

It is important to note that a soul mate or twin flame is not only limited to intimate relationships. They can be family relationships, friends, and sometimes even enemies (karmic) as all relationships have their purpose.

The purpose of a soul mate relationship is to help the souls that were split reunite. By doing so it further unites the cosmic universal energy that flows through us. Our ability to unify is our ability to express the divinity that shines with in.

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