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The Dendera Zodiac – A Key To The Past

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One of the oldest astronomical messages left on the humanity by ancient Egyptian priests is the Dendera Zodiac or the Zodiac of Osiris in the temple complex Hathor in Dendera.

The Dendera Zodiac is an ancient astronomical map that contains all the information needed to calculate the „journey“ of Earth from one zodiac sign to another for 29,920 years, which corresponds to axial precession cycle.

The Egyptian priests knew well the secrets of precession and the basis of their calculations is the great year – 25,920 years. One astrological era is equal to 1/12 of the precession of Earth’s axis and corresponds to 2160 years.

An astrological era is a period of time in which the vernal equinox is in the same zodiacal constellation. According to several researchers of the Dendera Zodiac, the constellation Cancer is the highest one, which indicates the possible time of its creation, when the point of the summer solstice was in Cancer.

Egyptian priests associated Dendera to a very distant past. One of the inscriptions in the temple states that the original building plans were a legacy of „primitive early age“ and were discovered in the form of antique drawings, made on animal skin in the times of the followers of Horus.

According to the ancient Egyptian priest and historian Manetho, the period of the reign of the followers of Horus falls in the era of Cancer – 6480-8640 BC.

In his book „Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life“, the scientist esoteric Drunvalo Melchizedek writes that in the times when there was Atlantis, Earth was running in the opposite direction. Today’s north was south and vice versa.

After Atlantis sunk not only the poles moved, but the earth began to spin in the opposite direction. God Thoth has gone through five shifts of the poles – he saw the sunrise from the east, then west, then east and back west, and so on five times. The Dendera Zodiac demonstrates this polarity.

According to Valery Uvarov – a scientist, a specialist in the field of paleo-sciences and paleo-technologies, ufologist – the images in the Dendera Zodiac testify about a planetary disaster which occurred 13,659 years ago – Earth was hit by an asteroid and the hit changed the angle of inclination of the Earth’s axis. As a result of the crash the point of sunrise began to shift on the line of the ecliptic in the opposite direction, entering in „the heart of the Lion“.

The outer circle of the Dendera Zodiac is composed of figures – Decans (sections of the arc of astrological circle with size 10 degrees) that symbolize the passing of time. The Decans move counterclockwise. Going by the constellations along the line of the ecliptic counterclockwise, the sunrise on the vernal equinox in the year of the crash was in the first minute of the first degree of the head of Cancer.

The asteroid hit interfered with the zodiacal time and made it “go back”. The arm of the zodiacal clock moved two Decans back.

According to Valery Uvarov the whole zodiacal sequence of events was such: Earth had gone through the Age of Leo, entered the Age of Cancer, the planetary catastrophe occurred, the earth made „a time jump“, returned to the Age of Leo, after that, passing the same area in the Age of Leo from his heart to Cancer twice, Earth returned to the place where it was located at the time of the crash.

In her book „Message from the Past“ the scientist and esoteric Svetlana Pavlova explores the Dendera Zodiac and the events of which it testified. The Dendera Zodiac depicts the Sun, the Earth and planets, which were never shown on sky cards.

The right eye was depicted zodiacal circle – Sun Eye Wadjet, the Eye of Ra. Therefore the symbol – a circle with the eye of Ra over the northern Pisces – is the Sun.

All symbols of the planets, represented by anthropomorphic figures with heads of a man, a falcon, a bull, are crossed be axes, allowing Pavlova to assume that the center of the head of each of the figures is the coordinate the planet at a fixed time.

Pavlova suggested the hypothesis of the existence of the planet Phateon, between Mars and Jupiter, where now there is an asteroid belt, in the distant past. The Dendera Zodiac is the only worldwide documentary confirmation of the existence of Phaeton.

According to the Russian philosopher, writer and theosophist Helena Blavatsky entire area occupied today by Egypt and the desert was once covered by seas.

„It has become known thanks to Herodotus, Strabo, Pliny. When did this happen? The story does not answer this question. Fortunately we have the Dendera Zodiac – a planisphere on the ceiling of one of the ancient Egyptian temples.

This Zodiac, with its mysterious three Virgos between the constellations Leo and Libra, found his Oedipus to unravel its signs and to justify the credibility of the priests who had thought Herodotus that the poles of the Earth and the ecliptic previously matched and that pole were in the plane of the ecliptic three times by now.“

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