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Venus Enters Scorpio: Intense Emotions Will Awaken Your Twin Flame Powers

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

On September 9, the planet that rules over everyone’s love lives entered the constellation that is obsessed with love and everything else: Venus entered the constellation of Scorpio.

This state of affairs will last for quite some time, till October 31 . Obsession and love will go hand in hand in the energies that are going to come into effect during this period.

This means twin flames, especially, will find favourable winds for themselves, their loves and their lives.

Their energy, in laymen’s terms, will be complemented by this celestial arrangement. 

Love is dominated by two major aspects: the actual romance including affection and attraction, and the other aspect of passion and dark obsession that drives the more bodily acts of the emotion.

With the planet that stands for the first, and is named after the goddess who rules over it, moves into a constellation that is known for its obsessive behaviours, the result will be quite intense. 

There will be animal attraction among couples whose sex lives have been extinguished thanks to unfavourable climes of life. There are others who are seeking emotional reconciliation; there is fodder for you too. 

This is the time when the two aspects of love which often collide, come together in a celestial synergy that will awaken secrets and private intimacies into a passionate orgy of the senses.

This is especially going to benefit totally alike people, a.k.a. twin flames. 

Twin flames are people whose souls are absolutely the same. This makes them mirrors of each other, or as the name suggests, twin souls of each other.

When passions arise and awaken in one spirit, it is only natural that the other will see the same intense passion arise in themselves, being mirrors of their better half.

So, to all couples my advice is this. Do not let your ego get into your way this month and a half.

These are the much needed energies that will bring about long awaited reconciliations and reunions with your estranged spouse.Be receptive of the energies and loving to your partner.

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