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Numerology Implies 2019 Will Be A Year Of New Partnerships & Alliances

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Numerology says that 2019 is a 3 year. From numerological point, the number three correlates with innovation, collaboration, and creativity, so logic implies there will be new partnerships and alliances. 

With the help of The Year of Collective Soul from 2018, we begin understanding that every one of us is connected – that every one of us is a collective soul.

However, this year, we are going to move beyond the consciousness of oneness into creative collaborations – actually, we are going to learn how we can work together as souls.

So, this year, we are going to start learning how we can solve problems with the use of all connecting tools, such as social media, spiritual telepathy, or political activism.

These are several critical aspects related to 2019:

Social media will refine itself.

This year, we are not going to be interested in false news, trolling, political jockeying, or celebrity drama anymore. Right when negativity becomes tiresome, we may use the tool positively.

We will start seeing that we may really establish a connection with other people on our planet – we will find some other souls that wait to make that connection with us finally.

We will lose addiction to political themes.

This year, we will not be interested in all that political drama anymore. We will wake up, feeling that we are over it all of a sudden. We will start taking matters in our hands. We are going to lead ourselves, instead of waiting for someone to guide us.

We solve problems together.

We will start exchanging some ideas and even work collectively towards solutions, all that in the way which never happened on the planet Earth. In fact, this will be an excellent step forward for humankind.

The creative collaboration, together with the willingness to solve problems together will be the trend of this year. There will be social and scientific breakthroughs in some areas which are going to affect humanity, like water, food, weather, safety, emotional wellness, and health. 

Women are stepping into power.

During this year, younger women will start showing up in politics and business, or as thought leaders and social influencers. This year will mark the start of ending old patriarchy and guard. Women will step into their own powers, in order to see that they actually are the natural leaders. 

Migration will continue.

A lot of people are moving because of natural disasters, violence or climate change, and we start recognizing the fallacy related to national borders. However, this will be a different passage throughout this year, which will be filled missteps and confusion.

The money will shift form.

A lot of people hold their breaths and wait for the following big crash; however, it is significant to know and remember that everything in our past will not mirror what comes from our future.

We are able to evolve without the repetition of some mistakes from the past. There are new payment systems and currency formed outside of stock markets, banks or credit cards.

Time will feel differently.

For several years, time was shifting, and now we will start feeling it. In fact, the way in which we are experiencing it is faster and slower too. When we actually need some more time, the time is going to slow down, and we will be accomplishing what we all need.

We will be more telepathic.

So, we will realize that we have the ability to read people, animals, plants or objects we came across. In fact, this is nothing new, but definitely, it is something expanded.

We will release superstitions related to bad energies and our need to be protected from other people. We have moved from the fear into affection and love.

Fewer worries more happiness.

After all that stress of our past several years, we are collectively going to release insanity. We are going to decide and realize that anxiety and worry are actually not the things we are here for. So, we are going to keep moving without fear but with clarity. We will do what we are supposed to do. 

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