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Powerful Native American Ritual For Healing

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by Conscious Reminder

Rituals for healing were part of a lot of religions, as well as belief systems in the world since ancient times. The self-preservation is a strong instinct that when in combination with the real magic may achieve great miracles.

Hence, in most of the traditions in the world, we may find a lot of beautiful and healing secrets. The healing practices of the Native Americans are believed to be the most potent practices. This is probably as they are entirely true and bold.

The healing practice of the Native American people.

The focus in the healing practices of Native Americans is when some problem appears in front of us, and we have to alert our behavior towards our nature, or others, as well as ourselves too.

A lot of people that received the magic from these healing practices of the Native Americans admitted that it has been a quite scary experience. To be healed, we first have to be reborn, and therefore, our old self has to die. This freaked people out, even though that did not mean they should kill themselves.

In the belief system of Native Americans, murder and suicide are believed to be terrible and disastrous mistakes, as in most of the other religions too. So, with saying that the old self of a person has to die, practitioners mean that some of his or her past habits have to die, and not the person itself.

When engaging in different types of ceremonies, rituals, as well as spells for healing, we do that together with the advice of our doctors. If they give us the guidance to rest without doing anything, we will listen, as well as follow the instructions they give us.

Contemporary medicine is prepared to do wonders and miracles. However, magic can be helpful in that process, helping us to find the right doctor, empower medication, and so on.

The healing chant of Native Americans.

There are some teachers, as well as bright healers that are Native Americans and that may help you. You can locate some of them. However, you can also try the following simple ritual:

A cleansing bath – this is a ritual in which you utilize salts to cleanse the aura within you.

Smudging – this is a quite common healing practice of Native Americans. However, how it is defined? Well, smudging is an ancient technique for removing and cleansing parasites from the aura, utilizing the smokes of some sacred herbs, plants, as well as resins.

Even though this practice is often connected with sage smoke, other different resins of herbs can also be used. For instance, utilize frankincense smoke which will elevate your spirit.

Turn to your animal totem in order to protect you, as well as guide you throughout the process.

Chant the prayer below in order to receive all the healing energies and powers of our Mother Earth:

Mother, sing me a song, that will ease my pain,
Mend broken bones, bring wholeness again.
Catch my babies, when they are born,
Sing my death song, teach me how to mourn.
How me the Medicine of the healing herbs,
The value of spirit, the way I can serve.
Mother, heal my heart so that I can see
The gifts of yours that can live through me.

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