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December Supermoon in Gemini & Mercury in Retrograde Causing Chaos with Soul Mates

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On December 13, 2016 at 7:05 pm EST the full moon will be resting in Gemini, and it will also be the third Supermoon in a row, which signifies the completion of three months of intense energetic patterns.

Therefore anything that we have been struggling with since the middle of September will come to a close, giving us a heightened understanding of things we’ve been going through, particularly relating to matters of the heart.

Throughout 2016 there have been many shifts happening within the realms of love and it is mostly due to the awareness that everything we once thought to be true about love was likely based on false beliefs and misinformation.

We truly get to know love when we remove our defenses and allow it to naturally move through us without the fear rejection or abandonment and also without allowing our pride and ego to take the reigns.

Now is the time to fully surrender our hearts and get to know what secrets are hidden within them so that authentic love can reveal itself.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury and as Mercury goes into retrograde on December 19, all of Gemini’s characteristics will be intensified and turned upside down. Until then we will be in the shadow period leading up to it, so we will still feel the impact of Mercury’s positioning in the universe.

Gemini can be quite argumentative and Mercury retrograde is notorious for bringing confusion, so conversations with loved ones can quickly turn heated while this December moon is full.

Mercury also rules communication so the incoming energy may create havoc within our close relationships, causing our emotions to rapidly twist and turn resulting in messy and dramatic over spills.

We may be feeling one emotion intensely one minute, and the next we will be feeling something entirely different. Thanks to Gemini’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, also known as the twins along with the retrograde energy, many of us will experience frequent and turbulent, “I love you/I hate you” spells arising from our subconscious mind fighting against our conscious mind. We won’t be exactly sure what we are experiencing, therefore the other person won’t stand a chance when attempting to decipher what we actually mean.

The key is to be sure of our emotions before expressing them.

Basically, everything is subject to sudden bursts of change, so, if we can master enough strength to wait it out before erupting, it will save a lot of heartache and possible resentment between us and our loved ones.

The feeling heart and the thinking mind are going to be engaged in a constant battle, pulling us completely out of sorts. Our heart will be dragging us in one direction, based on what it feels we want, and our mind will be dragging us in another direction, based on what it thinks we need.

One key tip to surviving this phase without commotion is to listen to the internal whisperings as well as paying close attention to the words that other people say and observing their actions.

Gemini and the retrograde combined will enhance our intuition as well as our sensitivity, so if we use this to our advantage we will be able to feel what is happening around us and become more emotionally intelligent, which in return will help us to accurately convey our deepest innermost feelings.

It will also be of benefit if we can loosen our grip and try not to over analyze or interrogate our situations too intensely. If we allow the information we receive to rest for a while, the answers will arrive when they are ready for us. Therefore, patience and faith are essential right now as what and who are meant to be in our lives will surely  find us.

This full moon will catch us off guard due to unexpected and sometimes explosive interactions with soul mates. We know when we have met a soul mate as we instantly feel a soul resonation with them and we feel magnetically drawn closer toward them to explore the connection further.

The reason for this is because they reflect what aspects we can work on for unconditionally loving ourselves as well as those around us.

The downside to this is that when we meet a soul mate, it is not always as smooth a ride, as we might have hoped it would be. Soul mates arrive to deliver sharp life lessons and not all them are easy to work through, understand or accept.

The only thing needed to fluidly connect with a soul mate is to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are. This is the main obstacle preventing us from attracting and maintaining genuine soul mate connections. However, this doesn’t mean that our soul mate is also at this place, which brings into play unconditional love and compassion, so that we do not push one another away due to unrealistic expectations and demands. Instead we can try to see that everyone travels along a soul journey at different speeds and they aren’t always currently able to meet us wherever we are.

Just because we are ready to open our hearts and experience intense emotional, mental and physical connections, doesn’t mean others close to us are necessarily at the same place. It also doesn’t mean they aren’t a soul mate, it simply means that the timing isn’t aligned, so we can still radiate love and find peace knowing that we are blessed that this person showed up in our lives.

Every connection teaches us something we need to know, whether it is how to let go, or how to find inner harmony so that we can spiritually stretch and grow together.

Gemini, also brings a wave of courage, particularly within communication. This full moon is the perfect time to find the confidence to gently open our hearts and expose, rather than sharing what’s on our mind. Our ego can easily complicate the mind and often it causes irrational fears to arise and block us from speaking our heart-centered truths.

We will likely receive unexpected or even cryptic messages or calls containing love confessions, which, as Mercury is in retrograde, will take us entirely by surprise and cause us a great deal of confusion, especially if we wrongly interpret the intentions of the messenger or immediately jump to conclusions.

Mercury churns up the past, so it is highly possible that ghosts from our past will reappear, so that we can either close old haunting chapters or reopen the book and discover that we are both finally reading from the same page.

This is why it is essential to leave the thinking mind out of matters surrounding love and instead feel what’s circulating around our chest, shooting directly from the heart chakra.

It is important that we do not close off to those with whom we are heart-bonded, because if we can ride the storm there are immense soul lessons to be learned. The Supermoon will illuminate the truth at the center of these mysterious connections and provide all the answers to our questions.

It is also imperative to remember that even through Mercury retrograde is complex, it delivers everything needed in order to refrain from repeating harmful behavioral patterns. It is entirely our choice whether we flow and move gracefully with the current or whether we refuse to grow and attempt to swim against it.

This Gemini Supermoon is a period for introspection and for exploring the depths of our heart. Once we have figured out what our heart is trying to tell us, we will naturally gravitate toward those we are destined to meet, and although the journey won’t be magical smooth sailing, it will certainly be deeply rewarding as we finally discover and embody the true meaning of unconditional love.

“Your soul mate is not someone who comes into your life peacefully. It is who comes to you to question things, who changes your reality, somebody who marks a before and after in your life. It is not the human being everyone has idealized, but an ordinary person who manages to revolutionize your world in a second.”

~ Unknown

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