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The Lucky Charm That Will Bring You The Best Of Luck Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

A lot of people in the world use different types of charms and talismans in order to bring good luck and happiness for thousands of years.

Such objects actually take magic through legends and myths and even nowadays, they are quite popular. So, most of the charms are going to work for everyone, but the sign of the Zodiac of a person can tell them which the best one for them is.

Aries: Key.

Of all the signs in the Zodiac, it is quite easy to notice that this one is actually the most energetic and industrious.

People in this sign will never give up when it comes to fulfilling the desires of their heart, and there is nothing that can stop them from reaching their purpose. In fact, this is the reason why the key will be the excellent gift for people in Aries. Simply like the key, they help others reach some places which they couldn’t reach earlier. Other people approach them for advice, as well as leadership every time they have a problem.

Taurus: The magic number 7.

People in this sign are often too rational to believe in powers of charms and talismans. Because of that, the magic number 7 will work best for these people. This number is seen as one of good luck and fortune in different cultures in the world.

Also, from a scientific point, the number 7 is perfect one as the number 3 and the number 4 are also perfect forms which represent triangles, as well as squares.

Gemini: Fuzzy Dice.

Big dice were always seen as lucky ones, while the fluffy dice is quite popular even nowadays. Because of that, it is the best talisman for people in Gemini as they are in the fashion most of the time.

The people in this sign are socialites, so they regularly follow the latest, as well as fashion trends. So fuzzy dice will be the best thing they can choose, as they will not become old-fashioned. 

Cancer: Ladybugs.

People in this sign are affectionate, as well as caring so the talisman needs to be a thing which they will nurture and love. They treat every animal equally.

A lot of cultures in the world consider the ladybug to bring luck and fortune. When they will be better prepared, ladybugs will bring them more fortune and luck. However, remember not to cage them but keep them in the garden in peace.

Leo: Gems.

Each Zodiac sign has a lucky gemstone; however for people in the sign of Leo, every gemstone will work wonders. Just like the gemstone, people in this sign are beautiful, vibrant, elegant and loved.

They really love when they are the center of attention. The luckiest of all stones is Amber, and it is considered to come from the Sun. However, Sapphire is another one who blesses the one that wears it with some unique gifts coming from Gods.

Virgo: Evil Eye.

Evil Eyes will not just make people lucky, but they will also keep them safe from every kind of negative vibes which were sent on them by other people that don’t wish them good.

People in this sign can very quickly make people jealous as they are incredibly able people with numerous talents.

Libra: Triangles.

For centuries, triangles were believed to be the representation of the birth, as and also death cycle, and also the connection with the Universe.

They symbolize balance, as well as stability, and the people in the sign of Libra are just that kind of people. They are perfect mediators because they are actually famous for impartiality and diplomacy.

Scorpio: Horseshoe.

People in this sign tend to show their beliefs so they like talismans which they can present to the whole world.

Horseshoes are considered lucky because they are created of iron, which is a metal that was thought to repel the tricky imps or also fey creatures.

Sagittarius: Rabbit’s foot.

The belief about rabbit’s foot actually came from the ancient tribal lore that believes it may keep away spells from people when they find themselves stuck in some graveyard after the dark.

But, people get fake rabbit’s foot which has all powers, so they will not harm the living rabbits. Sagittarius will carry this talisman to stay and feel safe.

Capricorn: Four-leaf clover.

The four-leaf clovers are a symbol of hope, belief, prosperity, and affection. They are very important in the sign of Capricorn, the ones that love to be surrounded with some beautiful things.

They also love nature, so the clover represents the connection with the earth. But, not every four-leaf clover is lucky.

Aquarius: Crickets.

Crickets were considered lucky talismans or charms for thousands of years. The people that listen to the music of crickets during the night time will be comforted with the sense of companionship.

The silence of crickets warns people that a danger is about to come. People in the sign of Aquarius would like to experience adventurous moments, so this will be an excellent gift for them.

Pisces: Dreamcatchers.

People in the sign of Pisces are actually natural and big dreamers, so dream catchers will be perfect for them.

Dream catchers are meant to prevent nightmares or bad dreams to enter people’s space during the night, and with that, people will feel rested, as well as peaceful. For that purpose, they often place them next to their beds or also wear them as jewelry.

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