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Powerful Solar Eclipse January 5th 2019: Through Patience & Discipline, To Big Financial Success

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by Conscious Reminder

On January 5th, 2019 the New Moon will go for a partial solar eclipse at 15° Capricorn. This is happening in close alignment with the bright star Vega, so poetic energy will be on the high.

Plus, it will have a conjunct with Saturn which will make you a bit serious but Neptune lightens up the mood. It will not be a tumultuous time, but if you have a creative spirit inside you – this eclipse is ready to awaken it.

January 2019 Solar Eclipse

On 5th of January the Solar Eclipse will occur at 15°25′ Capricorn. The Saturn-Pluto midpoint will give it a serious tone though the strongest aspect is the Neptune sextile which will ease out the seriousness. Plus, it happens in close alignment to the harmonious star Vega.

The influence of Vega

The Capricorn sign At 15°33′ is Vega, the fixed star which is the brightest in the northern sky and in the Harp, Lyra Constellation. During the solar eclipse, it conjuncts with the Sun above the horizon, making it a wonderful omen. It gives a major boost to your artistic talents.

If you are an eccentric artist, you can expect fulfilment in your creative ambitions with a spurt of your ego getting fulfilled along the way. Known for its poetic spirit, kindness and charity, Vega brings the masculine pride forward to take over your life. However, it is not all good with this star – it also brings in some harm with it.

When Vega is jointed by the Sun and the Moon, it makes you critical, abrupt and a bit aloof. Since your creative spirits are high, your eccentricities will also get a boost. You might even have to deal with insincere friends and suffer losses in your creative production, though on the other hand, you can get some influence in your business life too.

When the solar eclipse in in conjunct with Saturn

The solar eclipse is in conjunct with Saturn which brings seriousness into your life. If Vega had made you critical and reserved, the conjunct will make it worse. Thankfully, Neptune loosens out the entire seriousness a bit with its calming influence. But you can use both these influences in your life in a positive manner.

Begin restructuring your life and bring efficiency back into it. Declutter life of the useless needs and bring back your simple goal back into your sight so that you could pursue it better. This is the period when you will be a bit serious and stable as a rock. You might be considered as a support system for someone too.

When the Solar Eclipse will sextile Neptune

The Solar Eclipse will sextile Neptune which accentuates the poetic influence coming from Vega. This is the time that most poets and writers would need to thrive. You will become more empathic and sensitive and become capable of understanding people and reading the life forces in situations.

You will have creative dreams and your intuitions will be on the high. Using your empathy, you could make out non-verbal clues easily and help others. Being a support for others will have a tremendous effect on boosting your self-confidence and giving your greater insight into the world, in people and yourself.

When the Saturn will sextile Neptune

Saturn will sextile Neptune and bring your material gains from your spiritual expeditions. You will realize that if you work hard and work in a reasonable manner, your dreams can be achieved. You can achieve so, even now if you want.

Your optimism will be of great help for you. You can even help another person to get to their desired destination. Patience and discipline will be your key during this time. As you mix with others and help them, you will start finding out more about your spiritual journey than ever before.

A summary of the effects

The solar eclipse on January 5th will occur near the bright star Vega and brings the harmonious influence of the star. It is the best time for creative people as this star will bring creativity into your life. It is also the best time to bring about an expansion in your business.

While the Saturn conjunct might bring about some losses, the Vega influence will lead to chances in recovering and going strong into the future. The Solar Eclipse will happen in between Pluto and Saturn and Saturn will sextile Neptune – a great time to turn dreams into reality.

This solar eclipse you are armed with the capacity to make your dreams come true. For the creative souls, the planets are taking your side. This is the time to bring out your masterpiece.

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