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Experiencing The Twin Flame Merging Process

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by Conscious Reminder

There is an intense link shared between twin flames, and which destabilizes the spiritual energies within them. Because of this, when they are spending some time together, that time is usually marked by conflicts.

The process of merging of twin flames begins at the moment when one of them locks his or her eyes with the other one. But, such joining may last longer in order to complete, and that depends on a couple of factors.

What causes the merging of twin flames?

In the lives of each other, twin flames are the catalysts. They actually push one another towards everlasting love, as well as light, coming to the point in which they will be able to release their ego and also rise once again.

But, this actually requires a cerebral struggle of the highest order. At times when they do not have the ability to solve their problems and conflicts, they actually alienate themselves, and with that, they impede the process of merging.

After that, their life will be full of lies, running away from fears and insecurities, and clinging to materialistic desires and temptations, hopelessly trying to escape from reality the twin flame seeks to reveal to them.

However, one interesting thing is that the Universe programmed twin flames to reunite each time they let go of one another.

Regardless of how hard you are trying to escape from your destined twin flame, our Universe will do everything in order to bring you back to your twin flame. Also, at the time of the reunion, you will start the process of merging once again.

This process also puts you on the same line with your emotional traumas, fears, insecurities, and self-hatred too so that you can come face to face with them. 

The people that infinitely struggle to fight the demons inside them are the real ones that achieve spiritual awakening, and not the ones that weather storms by lying themselves and self-medicating.

Spiritual ascension is the single thing which may complete the process of merging of twin flames. When a person finally musters up the bravery to face his or her ego, they accelerate this process. Also, their healing benefits their twin flames directly too. Purging themselves of insecurities and fears will rise the chance of a beautiful and harmonious relationship.

Every person goes through some distressing and traumatic emotional circumstances in his or her life, so they decide to cope with them by keeping them hidden deep inside. That allows those circumstances to spread just like wildfire, as well as create damage on their entire mind.

So, they will have to come to their twin flame in the 5D or spiritual dimension in which every single thing is possible. They can step in that dimension simply if they keep their mind wide open to new, as well as limitless possibilities.

They also need to trust that the things between them can work if they access their spiritual dimension, as well as try to connect with their higher selves, which may provide them clarity about the purposes in their lives.

When a person becomes spiritually illuminated, his or her spiritual being is going to be full of light and love, and they are also not going to run from the process of merging anymore.

This means that the process of merging of twin flames is more like an individual journey instead of a mutual journey.

To unite with his or her twin flame, a person has to embark upon his or her spiritual journey first and subdue their ego, in order to feel the sense of oneness surrounding their fated twin flame.

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