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Do You Feel Spiritually Exhausted After Your Awakening?

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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, we feel lifeless and tired, as if there is some emptiness in our hearts which does not give us the opportunity to do something with zeal and zest.

We do everything that is in our hands for it. In the actions we take, there is no energy or drive. We feel useless and clueless.

We do not know where we are going, but we continue to walk along the path with blind eyes. In fact, spiritual exhaustion may be the cause of such symptoms, and it may leave us hanging in a dry patch if we don’t take the immediate measures for rejuvenating our soul. Here, we will show you how to recover from such spiritual exhaustion. There are several ways:

Find your peace of mind.

There is a deep connection between your mind and your soul. Disrupting peace of mind with internal or external causes may prevent your soul from functioning. Because of depression, financial problems or anxiety can make your mind feel strained too. Everything that will unsettle your mind will directly affect your soul’s well-being.

So, you should clear the mind, and empty the heart, at the same time exhaling world troubles. Also, discover the place in your mind which was not invaded by fears and insecurities, and inhabit that space until mental energies get recharged. You should not do activities which will burden the brain, like watching TV and spending most of your time on internet searching. You should practice meditation in order to calm the nerves.

Keep a distance from anger and noise.

Different noises may unsettle the mind. Fulminating and quarreling in anger will exacerbate the person’s mental health. You should find a quiet and empty room within your home in order to clear yourself from noises and some unnecessary conversations.

Also, find out how can you create silence in your mind, or stop voices coming from the inside. Silence possesses extraordinary healing powers. One day spent in silence equals to one day spend in rehab.

Feel happy when with loved ones.

You should rejoice when you are in your loved ones’ company, as they are the ones that motivate you, and can bring out your best. As you spend some time with them, you will have the ability to absorb positive energies and utilize them to reload your own soul. When you are isolated, it will make you overthink, and overthinking definitely brings negativity.

Talking of your actions and sharing feelings with your family or friends will help you with unburdening emotional baggage.

Spend some time in nature.

In fact, nature is going to liberate you from all your tensions. Nature has a hypnotizing beauty which will make you forget all your insecurities and fears. You can go to spot rife with nature, or you can also try to write or paint. When you convert nature into a piece of art, it will give you the ability to really appreciate the beauty of it, and bring you much closer to the soul of nature.

A warm hug.

Every one of us desires physical contact. It is just part of the basic nature of human beings. When a close person does not give you a warm embrace for a longer period, your skin will become dry and frigid. You should ask the ones you love to embrace you warmly.

When the hug comes from a person you love a lot, it is full of positive energies. Often, just a small and kind thing like a soft hug from a loved person may diminish spiritual exhaustion in people.

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