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Buddhist Monk Explains The Meaning Of ‘MIRACLE’ And It’s Life-Changing

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by Conscious Reminder

Are you a believer when it comes to miracles? Do you wait around for something like that to change your life? Do you maybe wish to make one for yourself?

Realistically speaking, the capability to make a miracle out of most of your life does lie within you. However before you go so far, you must first know that a miracle actually means.

A standard definition would suggest that it is any sudden, shocking occurrence that finds no explanation in all of our sciences.

With that being the case, they are seen as a manifestation of a higher power. We usually think that miracles come from divinity and thus they are proof that a god exists.

Curious about the truth behind supposed miracles, when Morgan Freeman met a Buddhist monk, he inquired if the man could do miracles.

The reply he received was not the one he expected and it changed his entire perception of miracles.

According to the monk, to heal, to love, and to reconcile are the real miracles in today’s world. While being able to float in air is all well and good, people require much more than that to help them.

To be healed, to be loved, and to have the ability to reconcile are true miracles because they can change people and their lives.

Rather than hoping that we’ll come across a miracle, we need to go out and make miracles for ourselves.

If you think about it, all the pain and sadness in the world today is because of this. Rather than working to the best of our ability to be the change we want to see, we’re all waiting for a hero to come around and save us.

Each and every one of us can make miracles happen for as long as we are alive if we just decide what we want to do and work towards that.

Freeman himself believes that all of us can achieve a lot more than what we think we can.

Believing in miracles also means believing that there is a deeper meaning to life than what is visible at first glance. It requires an acceptance of the fact that we are all connected by something greater than all of us.

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