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10 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Family

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by Conscious Reminder

Family dynamics shape our outlook on life. If we come from a family where people love each other, then that would shift to our social life too.

A healthy family is one that takes care of every single member, while not airing their dirty laundry in public. As long as all the members in the family have a way to properly communicate with the other members, the household remains happy.

Here are 10 ways to fix your family relationship.

1: Playing a Martyr Doesn’t Help

You can’t play the victim card when you are around family. For, these are your own people- if you are doing something for them, it should be out of love. But, if you would rather do something because you are forced to do so, don’t. This will lead to grudges that can hamper a family life. Don’t sacrifice because you are told to; sacrifice because you want to.

2: Bring Everyone In Your Fold

There is no reason why you should leave one family member for another. These people are your family, and if you want to have a healthy dynamic with them, embrace everyone equally. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t have your own identity. While you are definitely a part of the family, you have your own opinions too. What you should aim for is to strengthen familial relationships to a point where you would be able to share your opinions freely.

3: Healing And Forgiving

There will be fights and arguments in any family. The trick is to forgive and let go. Talk about your issues, and let everyone hear them out. If you need to heal from trauma, then your family should essentially be the first place you should go to. Also, learn to forgive. Unless your family member has committed a sin that can’t be forgiven, simply accept it as a mistake and move on. Forgiveness is much better than holding a grudge.

4: Accept That Not Everyone’s The Same

Just because someone belongs to your family doesn’t mean that they will literally be like you. They are their own individuals too! You shouldn’t impose yourself on anyone- and neither should you let them impose themselves on you.

5: Love Everyone

If they are your family, love them for who they are. They may be someone that you don’t prefer because of their lifestyle differences, but learn to accept that there is no correct way to live life. Everyone does it their way- and you should let them.

6: Be Honest To Your Own Self

Sometimes, we aren’t honest about our feelings or ourselves. Be honest about who you are- because that is a role model that your family would definitely follow. If you can show them that honesty is literally a gift- you will have a very healthy family on your hands.

7: Space Is Necessary

Boundaries are especially important when it comes to family. Everyone needs their own space- where they can breathe and be themselves. We always put up a front before others, and there is no way we can stop that. The least we can do as family members is to give everyone the space they need to be themselves.

8: Try to Find Balance

You can’t simply give, and never receive. A family is all about sharing not just happy moments, but moments of sadness too. If you want to know whether your family will be there by your side or not, see how many of them let you cry on their shoulders.

9: Walk Away

Sometimes you need to walk away from certain individuals when you realize that they are toxic. Also, you simply can love them while being distant. At the end of the day, your own mental sanity matters.

10: Open Up

The best way to strengthen family dynamics is by stating what you think about them. Tell them what you feel, and the areas that can be worked upon. An honest channel of communication will do wonders.

Family relationships are the backbone of any healthy society. If you want to make sure that you have a positive outlook towards life, you simply need to fix your relationship at home. For, home is where the heart lies.

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