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Astrology Forecast For January 2019: Make A Move, But Don’t Rush Anywhere

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by Conscious Reminder

January of 2019 looks like it is going to start off with an explosion of energy. We are all running towards something and though we may not know where we’re going, the energy coursing through us is enough to keep us going.

This feeling will only grow stronger as the month progresses. No matter how many wrenches are thrown into the works, no matter how many times we’re faced with life-changing plot twists, no matter how many signs we encounter telling us to pause and think, it will be hard to shake off this energy. This paradox will set the theme for all of 2019.

All the motivation this energy provides will encourage you to make a lot of plans for the year but rest assured, that even if you strongly believe in them, they’ll change soon enough.

But before you get scared, know that the cosmos is preparing itself to calm the waters. The Sun’s interaction with mature and practical Saturn will pull us back into adulthood. With Mercury getting closer to Capricorn, solid plans which will endure the test of time begin to emerge.

You’ll find yourself more focused on 5th January during the New Moon Solar Eclipse of Capricorn. Its influence will encourage you to work on your ambitions and fulfill your obligations.

In addition to all these movements, we also have much to look forward to when Uranus, with its incredible transformational powers, crosses our paths. The way ahead will seem much clearer and all plans will be set aside as we learn more about ourselves and the direction in which we are headed.

But even with all these epiphanies and realizations, we will mostly not isolate ourselves to reflect on all that is happening around us.

By the end of the first week of January, Sagittarius and Venus will come together to inspire in us the spirit of adventure, humor, and happiness. At the same time, Venus and Mars will come into contact, lending new fire to our relationships and excitement in our lives.

However, this month isn’t going to be only about fun and games. Two weeks in, you’ll be asked to live up to what others expect from you and to put all your plans into motion. All the things you say will have an impact on your life and some will be more urgent than others.

When Mercury and Saturn unite, the reality of your burdens will set in and you will struggle with the load even as Jupiter and Neptune urge you to get lost in your dreams. Steel yourself up and take this opportunity to look for answers within yourself.

What you find may take you by surprise! The liberation that Uranus brings will shock you into letting down your walls and finding freedom. The slow transformation that you’ve been undergoing since Uranus’ entry into Aries eight years ago will finally come to an end.

Towards the end of the month, Neptune and Venus will come together and their seductive power will ensure that you start searching for love even if you never intended to do so. Something almost magical will happen to gently push you towards those emotions.

On January 21st you will find yourself face to face with the Leo Full Moon Solar Eclipse. It will help you understand exactly what you want to say while also bringing with it a time of endings and goodbyes which will cause upheavals in most of your important relationships.

Like a Phoenix, you will enter the fire and rise from the ashes, brighter and more beautiful than you were before. It will not be easy but power-through and in the end, the flames will leave you with the things you’ve always desired.

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