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8 Strong Comebacks As Effective As F*ck You

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F*ck you is one of the most common responses around the world among the youth. 

They use this word in multiple contexts. Though, it sometimes doesn’t exhibit the impact which was intended. So, we have brought you a list of responses which can help you substitute your “f*ck you”.

1. From the South?

 Just add “bless your heart” and your response is enough to insult anyone.

2. Die mad about it.

This response can beat the sh*t out of people who get angry over unreasonable issues and matter.

3. Bye Felicia

You may use this line if you want to convey that you want the other person to leave at once. It somehow sounds more savage too.

4. Fork you

It may sound almost similar though it is a good way to say f*ck you without even abusing.

5. Bugger off

This one is a very common American reaction, which is used by many now. The best thing is that it means the same and sounds more brutal when it comes to insulting someone.

6. Good luck with that

If you are bored of stupid ideas of someone, you must substitute your f*ck you with this. Its’ sarcasm makes it more impactful.

7. Let me know how that works for you

This is one of the best ways to say something that you don’t want to say. It is also laden with sarcasm.

8. God bless you

This is the finest dialogue when you walk out from a discussion and don’t want to use f*ck you.

These were the 8 responses people would go for if they didn’t want to sound as harsh and direct as when using F*ck you, but achieve the same effect.

Which one would you use? 

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