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Psychic Mediums: 7 Interesting Things To Understand About Mediumship

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by Conscious Reminder

Psychic mediums are people that God gifted with the ability to realize that we, people, are primarily spirits in  physical bodies.

They are our space suits that wear out with time, and eventually, when our bodies’ systems start giving in, the spirit leaves the body and goes to a different dimension, called the spiritual world. Over the last several years, mediumship changed a lot, so we have a guide in order to help people discover all the mystery standing behind their work.

Diving Deep

Somewhere in the 1800s, there were illegal séances which were usually held in the private homes of people in the whole country. So, the medium tended to go into a deep trance, in that way permitting the spirit to move in their aura, as well as take full control of the speech and mind. In fact, this is also called deep trance.


Often, deep trance becomes accomplished in darkness with only a red colored light that shines on the medium, and that gives the ability to other sitters to actually see overshadowing of that medium, if there is any, by the communicator, in that way creating the transfiguration phenomena.

The Direct Voices

At the time of those demonstrations, people will often hear and recognize the voices of their loved ones which are called direct voice. Oftentimes, the medium is going to find it hard when it comes to stopping them as they speak, and a lot of people believed that this practice is actually the work of a fraudster, but detailed information was proved entirely accurate, particularly at war time when soldiers gave information about disasters which occurred, but were never published by any media or press.

Modern Mediumship 

Communicators are still stepping into the aura of the medium, and they don’t take full control, and that is considered to be more like a mental process. The three primary ways of how the media works today are:


This means that when a medium feels some spirit around him or her, he or she has the sense to understand what actually the communicator wants to convey and express.


This is also called ‘clear hearing,’ and it is where the mediums hear some spirit that speaks to them, and enables them to send their message to the world word by word.


This means ‘clear seeing’ and it is a medium which is shown some pictures in its minds which are going to convey certain situations around that person that seeks for guidance and help, or also where that spirit individual is going to show himself or herself to the medium and a correct description may be given.

In fact, there are different ways in which you can establish a communication with spirits, and each medium has its individual and specific ways of working with that world of spirits. Some of them use only one method, while others utilize all those which we mentioned above.

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