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February 2022 Is All About The Power Of Number 2

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

It is already the 2nd month of 2022?

We are finally settling into our grooves and intentions for the year. The long vacations, and down period, stretching across December and January are finally at an end.

So what will February hold for us according to numerology?

2 As The Personal Number

In numerology, 2 represents knowledge, thoughtfulness, intuition, and sensitivities. It has a pacifying and conciliatory power. Through them, it also acts towards balancing opposing forces. The number symbolizes our search for spiritual balance.

For those whose personal number according to numerology is 2, they are usually very supportive, patient, and thoughtful people. All of their interactions are filled with a collaborative spirit, diplomacy, and kindness. They make for very modest companions and extremely receptive listeners.

However, the number has a duality characteristic. As a result, such people also suffer from insecurity and indecision. Some frequent negative traits are passivity, submission, and shyness.

As far as love is concerned, they make for extremely loving partners. Such people are usually affectionate, understanding, and have a tendency to shower pampering and affection on their partners.

But, they may be a bit coy because of their shyness in the bedroom. Getting along with strangers from the first meeting is a tough ask for them. However, they soon drop their guard and get very kind and sociable.

Such people should not hide their emotions or fear expressing their feelings. They should also try to not be emotionally dependent on someone else as much as possible.

They should try to find completeness by themselves. This will ensure that others do not become their essence, and stay as companions. They should also work on developing their friendly and cooperative spirit.

They are very compatible with the numbers 5, 2, 4, 3, and 6. On the other hand, the numbers 9, 1, 8, and 7 are completely incompatible.

The Significance Of February

January had a bit of suffering. However, it has passed and now we must greet the year’s second month. There will be two dates that are very significant for vibrations: 02/02/22 and 02/22/22.

The digits of the first date add up to 8. This number is a symbol of earth and heaven unifying, and the endless, beginningless, infinite, and unlimited. The digits of the second date add up to 10, or 1 + 0 = 1. This marks the start of a huge energy cycle.

2 can also be said to stand for polarity and duality. As such, it is a reminder of coexistence and its need. Finally, numerology calls it the number of intuition that can balance out situations.

There is also Imbolc, a pagan holiday, which holds great significance. It starts on Feb 1 and ends on Feb 2 when the sun sets. It comes from the Celtic tradition.

The holiday was supposed to be a marker for the midway point in between two winter solstices. Brigid, the Celtic goddess of fertility and fire, is also celebrated during this holiday.

Throughout the centuries, Christianity adopted Brigid and called her St. Brigid. St. Brigid (/Bridget) is an Irish patron saint for cattle, dairymaids, midwives, newborns, and nuns.

Both Brigid and St. Brigid have associations with babies, the home, fire, and milk. Both symbolize family circles, nurturing, and beginning.

The energy of 2 is typically complimentary, positive, and passive. It stands for the generating, nurturing, and welcoming mother.

According to Tarot, 2 symbolizes the Mother Goddess and the High Priestess. She supports and nurtures all of her children, who may or may not be humans.

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