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These Zodiac Couples Almost Never Work Out

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Love is an intricate affair that not only brings two people close to each other but has also been astrologically determined to bring two families together.

While this may seem incredibly confusing to some, it is what has led to such a growth and interest in the zodiac signs, to determine which zodiac would go well with the other one.

Even if it seems difficult, it is always assumed that you have an understanding of the basic zodiac traits that might actually be helpful to your development as a human being, and also identify yourself as someone who is connected to the position of the stars.

This also would suit you in your prospects to find true love, where you can easily determine which is good for you, and which isn’t.

Here are a few zodiac combinations that don’t go well with each other:

Aries With Cancer

Aries and Cancer are two zodiac signs that never go well with each other. Just like their origin elements, Aries tends to be fast and quick on their feet, and their thinking.

Whereas Cancer tends to look at a particular thing from every prospective angle, taking things really slow, and letting time plays its course. While Aries would move really forward, both physically and mentally, Cancer would stick to some good old cuddling and fuddling.

Taurus with Sagittarius

Although their combination can be greatly suited for friendship, when this sanctity is destroyed to form a romantic relationship, it greatly backfires.

Due to their paradoxical nature, in which Taurus needs stability in his/her life, and is always in want of a person who would be a permanent fixture in their life, whereas Sagittarius are free spirited, open minded individuals who don’t care about being tied down to one person.

Gemini with Virgo

Don’t fool yourself, this wouldn’t work. Gemini is Satan, it worships chaos and pandemonium and would love to be a destroyer rather than a creator. They live their life according to their whim, which is completely unpredictable.

On the other hand, Virgo is a well-planned, well-rehearsed individual, who knows what he/she wants, and has it all planned out.

Leo with Scorpio

Both are dominant and neither can compromise even an inch for the other. They are extremely stubborn, and always result in fights. They are, hence, not a match, in any way possible.

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