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Crystal Craziness: The Amazing Amethyst

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Oxford dictionary defines a crystal as “A piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces.”

Crystals vibrate at a frequency that is nearly immeasurable. The crystalline structures are “perfect” because their atoms are symmetrical.

This leaves the crystal unaffected by the environment like us. Humans are sensitive and often unbalanced.

So are crystals magic stones? Have you already pictured hippies roaming around in the forest chanting some mantra around a fire? Don’t let your imagination run wild. You are the healer.

The moment you recognize what is wrong, and why is it wrong, you begin the process of healing. Here’s how the powerful amethyst can help:

How does it look?

A variety of quartz, it has the same structure as clear quartz. Natural irradiation and presence of iron gives it its beautiful purple color. From blackish purple to light violet, the birthstone for February has healing powers.

Presence In History

The word amethyst in Greek means “without drunkenness.” The ancient Greeks would use it in their vessels, and guess what? They believed it could cure their worst hangovers. The Egyptians used it as a shield against deception and witchcraft.

It also helped them combat guilt and fear. In the middle ages, European soldiers would wear amulets made from amethyst as a protective measure. It was also a calming agent.

How Does It Heal?

The medicinal properties include cleansing blood, strengthening the immune system and healing respiratory diseases. It works wonders for bad headaches and lack of energy. Amethyst makes you more aware, curbing negativity, stress and anxiety.

Your intuition and psychic powers get a hike in contact of this purple crystal. If you keep the crystals beneath your pillow, you’ll see good dreams. Its presence in your house will create positive vibrations.

Also called Bishop’s Stone, it is the symbol of spiritual wisdom, integrity, sincerity and grace. You must get your hands on it due to its versatility.

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