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Astrological Significance Of Tonight’s Super New Moon In Capricorn

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by Conscious Reminder

The last New Moon for the year falls on the 23rd of December in the zodiac of Capricorn.

This New Moon is quite complex, so there are a lot of energies around it which could be an indication of how 2023 will be.

At the time of this particular New Moon, the Moon will be quite close to our planet, which will make it a Super Moon. Although we won’t be able to actually see the Moon, the nearness of the situation will be felt by us. 

Interestingly, the New Moon in Capricorn will also fall at a single degree of the zodiac sign. This will be a highly charged and karmic degree that will indicate new beginnings, as well as the start of a completely new chapter.

It is quite interesting to understand that this was also the theme for the New Moon of the previous month and will continue to be so for the next three New Moons. 

This New Moon will also be the second New Moon in Capricorn for 2022. The first was experienced by us back on the 2nd of January, right as the year was beginning. It does seem that the Sea Goat in Capricorn was our teacher as we entered 2022.

And it is quite possible that it will be standing at the end of the road that will herald 2023. For those who are unaware, the Sea Goat is an absolutely divine creature that will be swimming to the depths of the seas while climbing the tallest mountains. This gives it a specialized perspective and wisdom that no other animal will be able to compete with. 

The New Moon in Capricorn Will Help Us Look For Our Purpose

Under the New Moon in Capricorn, the asteroid Chiron- which is also called the wounded healer, will be active and will be stationed directly on the same day itself. This asteroid has been in a position of retrograde since July, but it has also chosen this New Moon day to finally come out of the cycle.

Chiron, according to mythology, was abandoned at birth, after which it suffered through immense trauma and wounds- that led to its surfacing as a powerful portal of healing. By embracing his suffering, he finally became a wise teacher, mystic, as well as a healer. 

For us humans, our purpose matters a lot. But there is a slight difference- our purpose isn’t really a big, grand plan. Our purpose is far more subtle, quiet, and internal. Our purpose is not something that we have to look externally for. We are our own purpose- as it lives within us, not outside of us.

Nevertheless, there are times when we would have to take an external journey in order to seek our true purpose. But if we were to look into the journey itself- we would realize that all we were doing was finding ourselves. 

What our soul seeks doesn’t really need to have an official name to it. Also, it would be quite presumptuous of us to think that we have just one purpose in our life. We are capable of having as many purposes that are activated at different times in our lives.

Under the New Moon in Capricorn, we would be able to connect with the divine purpose that would fit in nicely with us. And Chiron, the wounded healer, will bring in the energy for some healing vibrations.

If there is anything that we need to start healing from, Chiron will guide us through that path. Before this New Moon, Jupiter will also enter Aries, which would highlight a new year of innovation, beginnings, and independence. 

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