Weekly Horoscope May 27th-June 2nd: Let The Magic Of Gemini Season Work For Each Zodiac

by Conscious Reminder

It’s Gemini season. Time to get light on your feet and go out and communicate with people. It’s time for connections and communications. Gemini season has just started and this week, it is going to bring in something special.

Lots of things are going to happen in the skies during this time. 29th May will be bringing in a transit between communication king, Mercury and the fantastical Neptune.

There will be a bit of drama during this time and a bit of negative energy inflow – so, step back if you feel something’s off.

30th May will create a sextile between Venus and Neptune. It’s all about romance – but don’t get too blinded by it. Mercury and Neptune square brings a load of false promises along your way.

Here is how this week will interact with your zodiac signs:


Creativity is on your side – so get ready to find an aesthetic role for yourself. Go to a museum – or go for shopping. You can do something serious during this week. Just don’t indulge in deep conversations – the truth might be twisted.


Your friends and family are getting their share of love from you. You are a social butterfly right now. But don’t lose yourself in love – try to expand in knowledge too. Read a book – enrich yourself culturally. Also, save up – don’t spend too much during this period.


Intuitions are mostly right and this week, your intuition will be fired up by your imagination. Go for spiritual self-care – try to address any insecurities you might be holding right now. Don’t go into egoistic thoughts. Practice compassion and it will battle loneliness.


Your social life is on the high. Go out and spend some quality time with your friends. But your social life will not be vapid – you will be learning so much more about people and the human experience. Take serious care of your relationships – it’s time to grow. Also, don’t fall victim to false ideas and then, spread it – spreading gossip is not your thing.


You are looking at a career boost this period. Your career has been slacking for some time now, but this is the week when you pick up your pace. Don’t procrastinate. Also, while romance is good, don’t get too vulnerable, especially with anyone you don’t trust. Also, look at facts objectively – don’t let it cloud you.


Adventure, adventure, adventure – it’s a creative time for you. Get out and learn something – bring some change in your life. Maybe you will get close to someone with whom you can have quality conversations. Don’t let these small occasions get away from you. Don’t get too dependent on someone though – it will make it worse.


You will be getting close to someone. Open yourself up and fall in love. But if you go into a relationship, remember, it will take time and effort. Small self-improvements will make relationships so much better. Just don’t argue on petty things without knowing the entire details.


Be creative and romantic – let this magic strengthen your relationships. Open up your mind to different forms of expression. If you are stuck, then don’t start jumping into random conclusions. There might be fights but don’t let your emotions take the best of you.


Finances will be getting a boost during this season. Try to change a bit of your daily routine – add some small tasks that will put you a step ahead in achieving your final goals. Home is important, so maintain a good relationship with your family. However, the relationship with your partner can be a bit unsettling, so be extra careful.


Art and creativity will be flowing through you during this time. Your creative genius is sparkling – so why not take hold of an art project you have wanted to begin on for a long time. Your ideas are flowing well – but the thoughts are a bit disorganized. Just bring a bit of order in your mind and you are good to go.


Home is where this week will shine. So, don’t forget your loved ones – your family. Start some home decoration and engage in a spiritual connection with your home and your family. Don’t let ego cloud you. You might feel frustrated at times, but don’t let it get the best of you.


You are always up in your enchanted mind – but this time, it can be a good thing. You are connecting the different dots and finally, you can unleash an unknown part of you. Be empathetic, your social life will get a boost.

You might find new friends. Trust them, they are here to stay for life. If you feel like you are not being loved as you were before, then don’t let the negativity hold you captive. Try to bring more clarity in your mind regarding relationships.

While there is a bit of miscommunication and delusion here and there, but this week can be wonderful. Just trust the planets and rule this week.

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