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5 Signs You Are A Beautiful Person, And It Has Nothing To Do With Physical Appearance

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There is far too much of a stigma regarding beauty. If you pick up any fashion magazine, you’re bombarded with these skinny girls and well-toned guys.

You see people on the street aspiring to be like them. You see people changing everything about themselves to be beautiful. But they focus on the wrong aspects of beauty. True beauty comes from within your soul. The things you need to change to be considered beautiful are internal. It doesn’t matter how you dress or what your body mass is. It matters how you carry yourself and how far you’re willing to go for others.

Here are 5 signs that you are a beautiful person that have nothing to do with physical appearance(throw away your fashion magazine because it’s not teaching you anything about true beauty!):

1. You Are Understanding

If you can show that you are understanding of others, you are already more attractive than most. Many people in the world are incapable of seeing things from a second point of view. They see only their own. If you aren’t like that, if you can see where someone else is coming from, you have a power. That power should be given to everyone, but you’ll find it’s unique. You don’t share it in common with most people, who can only see their own side. Being understanding is such an attractive quality because of how rare it is. Also, because it means romantically, you’re able to balance your own emotions as well as the emotions of your partner (or even friends).

2. You Are Kind To Everyone

Your true beauty shines the brightest when you are making others’ feel good about themselves. You could be stopping strangers on the street to offer random compliments. You could be sending anonymous messages on the internet to do the same. You could simply be telling people to have a nice day and wishing them well. Even those people you don’t know. These are the little things you can do on a day to day basis that will demonstrate your inner beauty. Which has much more value than the beauty of your physical appearance, if you ask my opinion.

3. You Are Compassionate Towards Others

Compassion isn’t something that everyone is born with. Many people lack the ability to feel for complete strangers. Showing your compassion towards people you don’t know is a way to positivily impact the world around you. When you are standing up for someone who is being bullied, even in passing. When you sit with a homeless person on the street just to give them companionship. These are actions that speak boldly. Bravely. These are acts of humility that show you know the value of every life. Being able to show sympathy and compassion to the people around you is one of the most attractive qualities anyone can have.

4. You’re Confident

You can never under estimate the power of confidence. A confident person is automatically considered more attractive because they know their own worth. They know what they are capable of, they aren’t afraid to strut in a way that says I can do this. They know they can. They can take on the whole world if they have to. That’s what confidence is. It’s not about the traditional standards of beauty, more than knowing what you’re capable of. You don’t have to think you’re attractive to be attractive. When you rely too much on being beautiful on the outside, you lose than genuine confidence. Losing confidence loses the real beauty within you. If you feel like your confidence is lacking, you might be seeking confidence in the wrong way. You might be looking at the wrong attributes that build confidence. You can be confident as long as you recognize your own value as the wonderful human being that you are.

5. You Smile Often

Nothing shows true beauty like a smile. It doesn’t matter if you feel like your smile is attractive or not. It’s less what your smile physically looks like, more what it represents. It represents that you are happy. There is nothing more beautiful than wearing your happiness on your sleeve. You’re bound to attract the attention of everyone else, simply because happiness is such a rarity. In this day and age, negativity is what surrounds us the most. By smiling, you’re showing that you’re different. Unique. Special. You have politely dismissed the idea of negativity and have taken to showing off the brighter side. A smile can say a million different things. But it screams I’m beautiful more than anything else ever could.

If you spend too much time thinking about beauty in terms of physical appearance, you take time away from understanding what beauty really is. Beauty is internal. It is a demonstration of your soul, the being that makes you uniquely you.

If after reading this list, you still don’t feel like a beautiful person, it’s time to get out of the house and start smiling at strangers. By making the world around you feel more beautiful, you’ll see the reflection in yourself.

Source: Tranquil Monkey

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