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People In Brazil Who Adopt Stray Dogs Or Plant Trees Can Get Tax Breaks

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by Conscious Reminder

This earth belongs to us all and it is our duty to protect and preserve it. In a bid to do their part, the Brazilian government is now encouraging people to plant trees and adopt stray dogs. What do they get in exchange? Tax deductions and exemptions!

Residents of cities like Goiânia, Quinta do Sol, Belo Horizonte, and Sabara can get tax reductions in the range of 30-100% for their property tax (IPTU).

Some ways for applying for reductions are by restoring historic places, boosting beautification of the cities by planting more trees and maintaining present lawns, and by trying to increase tourism.

Brazil has over 50 million dogs and most of them are strays. These stray dogs have no shelter, barely get any food, and have nowhere to go. Most of South and Central America’s streets are filled with stray dogs.

So, the city of Quinta de Sol has the Rescue Program for Abandoned Dogs. It encourages the city-dwellers to adopt strays and offers tax breaks in return. Adoption of big dogs can result in a 50% reduction, for medium-sized dogs it is 40%, and a 30% reduction for small dogs.

Sabara is known for the jabuticaba trees. The residents here can plant these trees in their garden and get a 5% reduction in IPTU for each tree planted. Known as the “Brazilian grape tree”, these are quite unique in their appearance.

The fruits are sweet and tasty but when it flowers, the look can be called “weird”. Flowering only at one particular time of the year, the white-pink fuzzy flowers make way for the fruits.

Brazil has a score of 1.68 out of 7 from the World Bank. This scale is to measure the “burden of government regulation” and 1 represents the most burdensome governments. In such a regime, Brazilians will surely embrace this tax reduction scheme with open arms.

It’s not just about taxes though. When the residents of the country turn more responsible for their own cities, their tourism too will receive a boost.

There will be more greenery helping them deal with pollution. The streets will be better with the strays in happy homes and other public places will also look better with restorations.

Do you think other countries too can offer similar schemes for their residents? Let us know in the comments!

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