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Skipping The Resolutions This Year Might Just Be The Best Thing To Do

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by Conscious Reminder

We all make New Year’s resolutions, and we all fail to keep them. So every single time we think about such a resolution, it is inevitable that we conjure up unpleasant images and feelings.

Most of us are pretty aware of the resolutions that we have had over the last few years- resolutions that we broke in just a matter of weeks. And while breaking the resolution does feel quite great at the moment, it does leave quite a bad taste in the mouth that is hard to get rid of. 

But the question that we actually need to ask is- why do we set such resolutions that we can’t fulfill? Apparently, there is quite a gap between the individuals we are- and the individuals we want to be.

Hence, we set extremely high goals for ourselves at the onset of the new year- which gets very difficult to maintain simply because we have not fallen into the routine yet. And this is why we let go of our resolutions. 

We also hope that if we set enough goals, we will be able to like what we see for ourselves. But even then, even when achieving something and feeling great, that feeling is quite transient.

And at the end of it all, we set new goals in order to get that feeling back. So if we were to sum it up, we are simply chasing the euphoria of succeeding rather than the journey itself. 

This is a very conditional way of existence, where our feelings are based on our circumstances. This leaves us feeling like the victim of our own life. When we start living a life of resistance, we are simply at the mercy of the entire world around us. And everything has the ability to mess with our heads because we let them. 

New Year’s Resolutions Might Not Be The Best Thing For You This Year

When we are faced with this conundrum, it would be best for us to not set goals for ourselves. Rather, we should strive to make sure that we feel at the top of the world without sacrificing our mental health.

Interestingly, it would expand the possibilities of our achievements. And we would be happy throughout the journey, and not just after a few moments. 

The metrics of our success are also dependent on the degree of joy that we have in our life- so why should we postpone that for a glorified future when we are already living in the present?

And rather than setting up resolutions to work up throughout the year, it would be rather helpful to simulate the emotions that make us feel the same way as a completed resolution.

Rather than actually expend energy and do something that would just give me fleeting happiness- we should be conjuring it up in our imaginations so that it stays for a considerable period of time. 

In place of thinking about New Year’s resolutions which you might not be able to complete, you should picture images in your mind which make your entire being happy.

As it stands, you always have access to these feelings- so all you need to do is combine them with your imagination and make them more powerful. Rather than fixating on the goal, try to imagine the journey that you will undertake. 

If your goal is to lose 50 pounds by the end of the year, start thinking about just moving your body in the first place. See how that feels, and keep that image in your head.

Baby steps are the way, for they not only ensure that you reach the goal you have in mind, but you also are not discouraged at any step of the way. 

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