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Spiritual Growth Of The Soul Or Evolution Of The Ego. What Am I Going Through?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

People get confused while trying to grow themselves spiritually and end up building up an egoistic self. Talking about the dependencies or the attachments that do our soul no good, neither do they contribute to its growth.

Continuing to practice addictive substances like alcohol suppresses the vibrations of your soul and bars us from growing ourselves spiritually. All of these distractions to your conscience are meant to feed your ego and not your soul.

Apart from these, the fast food and chemically prepared meals are created to control you and not give your body nutrition. On the other hand, rich in minerals, the raw and clean organic food is something that is conducive to not only great health but also spiritual health.

Also, not just what we consume but what we experience contributes to our growth. Being tempted to materialistic things and sources of entertainment, lead us into a make-believe world which can only feed our egos and nothing else.

Truly helping your soul advance to a higher spiritual level is possible by spending enough time with your inner self. Listening to and focusing on your spirit to create a space for your conscience to evolve and breathe.

It takes ample amount of perseverance and tolerance to practice spirituality. By meditation, we control our thoughts and bring down the speed of our body mechanism. This is good for our health and grants us access to the energies to bring about the real change in ourselves.

So now you see how you can drastically cleanse your inner self while transforming the state of your conscience.

The practice helps us preserve the energy we would require for the heavenly purposes and we stop spending our time in arguments and fights. We feel we’re being freed by all kinds of negative attachments in life.

By giving in to God, we get so much control on ourselves that this process of integrating ourselves with the Divine will is actually ironic. With this only, can a soul rise to the level of true freedom and advance spiritually.

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