Do You Believe There Is Such A Thing As Pure Evil ?

by Conscious Reminder

Pure evil is something you will encounter while reading a book, watching a movie, or you will also hear much about it in legends and stories.

A lot of characters, real or fictional, are connected to the pure evil. However, there are also numerous spiritual and wise people who say that such a thing does not exist.

But, why they continuously deny it when obvious evidence of such individuals and their actions which are pure evil even exist? How can you ask if such something like that even exists, when some people, such as Stalin and Hitler, lived in order to prove the existence of pure evil?

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t existed.”

This is probably why wise and spiritual people continue denying its existence, maybe they were tricked by the devil or perhaps they are absolutely right.

Evil is defined as profound wickedness, depravity, and immorality, so being evil actually means being an immoral individual that destroys the happiness of other people. On the other hand, being a pure evil actually means not having even a small amount of good. However, what is the meaning of good?

The good is defined as to be approved of or desired. In order to be accepted and or desired, a person will have to please the existing code of people, which is righteousness, morality, and ethics.

So, how are Hitler, The Joker, Voldemort, Darth Vader, Satan, and also Loki connected? Every one of them is pure evil. They destroy happiness, kill those that are innocent, and they are also immoral, not approved or desired. However, what is going to happen when they join together?

For example, imagine these individuals joining together in one community on some other different planet than ours, and call that planet Hateland. So, what is going to happen when a good person from this planet travels to their planet, for example on a summer holiday?

He will come to Hateland, and nobody will desire or approve him, as he is a good person, living by our living code, not one of these people. Is that going to make him an evil person?

He is not going to satisfy their living code. Also, he will be wicked and immoral by the standards of these people, and that is going to make them unsatisfied and unhappy. He will destroy happiness so that he will be evil. How this person became evil by merely stepping in Hateland for a summer vacation?

Well, that person is evil only for the ones in Hateland, while for those on the planet Earth, he is a good person, just like he was before he left. What this means, is he evil or a good person?

Such concept as of evil and good does not exist in nature, but it is a concept invented by us, human beings, in order to separate people that create some imbalances in the way we live.

This also means that the man who went to Hateland is neither evil nor bad. The people in Hateland also search for happiness, and they do everything in order to make this world a better place for living, in their perceptions. They also do everything in order to make a world in which they will experience happiness.

Every one of us chases happiness, and that is the main purpose of our existence. However, our mistake is that we attach happiness to pleasure and objects. Sometimes, we can also mix pleasure for happiness, or chase pleasure without being aware that it is not related to happiness at all.

This is the reason for the existence of greed. It is also the reason for the existence of the evil, as those in Hateland believe pleasure means domination, destruction, and death of other people. Every single thing of this makes them really happy.

However, we have to remember that pleasure or something else is not what we need for reaching happiness. So, happiness will not be our destination but our choice, or the path of our journey. 

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