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Powerful Blood Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse On July 27th: Strong Winds Of Change

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by Conscious Reminder

Things are coming to an end. Lines are being drawn. Everything around you is about to change. The already fast running life is about to take a drastic turn and it might be a little overwhelming to adjust to what July’s Blood Moon in Aquarius is about to bring.

You are likely to be an emotional wreck now and everything must be feeling like too much to take and you suddenly feel disconnected from every emotion in life. Your perspectives and way of handling relationships and situations are going to change. You are going to see a number of departures and welcome a lot of fresh new things in life.

The Blood Moon is rising in Aquarius. This process is going to involve a lot of changes in you and almost everything around you. Some of us might have an intellectual uplifting which will help us realize that there is more than just viewing and commenting on things.

Therefore, all of this is going to be highly fascinating. When it comes to emotions, you are going to feel everything on a deeper level and higher intensity. No emotion will ‘just pass’ you. You are likely to question every emotion that you feel and experience a lot of restlessness, like as if there is something out there that’s trying to seek you.

This is known to be the escalating power of a Full Moon. And it’s really impactful. How could it not be? It’s the longest lunar eclipse of the century, lasting for about 3 hours and 55 minutes. This spectacle is only going to be viewed in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. That doesn’t look like good news for North Americans.

This eclipse initially started last summer and is going to mark its halfway point in the eclipse on the Leo/Aquarius axis and is likely to continue till the first few months of 2019.

The themes and issues that existed in late 1998 to late summer 2000 are going to come around in a new dress, of course, because our lifestyles have changed drastically and so have our priorities. All of this leads us to one main point and that is- self- actualization. For situations like this, Oscar Wilde has given us his advice, ‘Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken’.

These few words speak volumes. You will only be able to adapt to changes if you are ready to accept yourself completely first, you can’t half-love yourself and expect to slide through these tough moments of drastic changes. Allow yourself to grow, even if it means making a couple of mistakes in the beginning.

You will give up on your old ways. You won’t wait for anybody to pass you a hanky or wipe your tears. You will be the one for yourself and less number of people will have the power to control your mind. The Full Aquarius Moon of 2018 is going to trigger a lot of changes and will awaken you in the deepest way possible.

Your ways are going to take practical turns. The two Gods of money and desire are going to support each other. Matters related to desires, relationships and money will hold a lot more power than ever.

Secrets will unveil themselves and this will act a main factor of the chapters ending. Therefore, this process in total is going to be highly liberating.  This event isn’t just for one day. It’s been ‘slowly coking’ since last summer’s solar eclipse and it kind of sums up everything that came along the way in between.

This Lunar Eclipse’s effect will still be present in the beginning of the next year, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

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