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If Your Man Doesn’t Make You Feel Safe, Don’t Waste Your Time On Him

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We’ve all been with someone we weren’t supposed to be with in the first place. Simply, it wasn’t meant to happen.

So, how do you get a man who used to be your everything, and then disappeared into thin air, out of your head?

Don’t even try doing it, because it will be a complete waste of time. Sure, now you’ve got a few ‘bumps and bruises’ here and there, but then you watch them disappear and you realize you are healing and it’s on your own.

In my opinion, one of the biggest truths about men is that they are simple. Don’t get me wrong, “simple” is not bad, or inferior, or lacking value and substance. “Simple” means simply…not complex. It does not mean devoid of emotion or intelligence or empathy.

No, men are quite capable of deep emotion, tremendous empathy and stunning feats of intellectual prowess. It’s just that men epitomize the axiom, “what you see is what you get.” You may try to credit them with great depth and complexity, but truly you are “barking up the wrong tree.”

Here are another 8 not so popular truths about how men influence our lives:

1.If you don’t love a man, it’s impossible to sleep with him. If you love a man – it is impossible to sleep with anyone else.

2. You know, it seems to me that this idea that work should bring joy comes from the same Hollywood series that says “marriage should bring happiness”. A marriage should provide security. And regarding happiness – you get it or you don’t. Work has to bring money. And if you like your job, consider it a blessing, like the blessing a happy marriage is. But it’s not the norm. Happiness is not a norm. It requires equal evolvement from both parties.

3. If you do not feel safe with your man – do not waste your energy on staying in a relationship with him, don’t even think about him at all and live as if you don’t have a man. Because, in reality, you don’t really have him.

4. When a man is feeling sick, it is futile to convince him that he is well and that he just needs to get some rest.

5. When you live with a man, because you do not have anywhere else to go, you are repeating the same mistakes your mom did. The more you try not to be like your mom, the more you are turning into her. In essence, you have never really separated from your mother. The cord is still holding strong.

6. We glow when we are praised and admired. When the audience is ecstatic ,the artist is also in ecstasy, it’s a two-way process.

7. We all have different preferences. For some, work is most important and there’s nothing wrong about it. For somebody – physical contact. For others, it’s having fun. Everyone need different ‘food’. If a man does not have the right ‘food’ for you, you will always be ‘hungry’.

8. Don’t try to keep your man under control. Men hate shackles. Let him be who he really is.

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