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Four Awakening Tips For A Smoother Spiritual Journey

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Awakening is often defined as the process towards discovering ourselves that we actually are something more than we can see we are.

These are the four basic tips which will help us with our spiritual awakening:

1. Our health is our wealth.

Some of the secrets of awakening are getting appropriate rest, eating healthy, and staying hydrated while we are aging.

Being active through various forms of body, spirit, and mind exercise is an excellent way of staying connected to our own selves, or to our Universe, guides, angels, the unknown world, our ascended masters and everything else.

When we permit the internal system of guidance to ‘awaken’ or activate through the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies which every one of us has in the journey, we may move into the sense of freedom which the process of awakening brings.

We also remember that our physical bodies are our ships which guide us through a lot of rivers in our lives.

After that, utilizing our mental and emotional bodies as the system of navigation, and keeping the vessel clean, strong, stocked, and sturdy, having the purpose to continually move forward and also having the process of awakening be the so-called ‘lookout,’ we should get ready to receive the messages that we all seek in our lives.

2. Embrace, evolve and expand the mindset.

In fact, the mind of human beings is overloaded with some unbelievable ideas, abilities, creative knowledge, and power. Most of the time, we get stuck during journeys in several ways of acting, thinking, and also responding to specific experiences which appear on the different roads of our life.

For example, when we finally become learners for our whole life, we may embrace and also expand our own experiences if we try new things.

If we support healthy brains that have active practices, we may keep the supercomputer up to date with a few different programs and applications or mindfulness in this world.

When we actually engage with the senses of seeing, breathing, tasting, touching, hearing and smelling within the external environment of ourselves, an awakening will happen when we finally learn or experience something new.

We should discover and explore new ideas, distinct systems of beliefs, read books, attend lectures or workshops, converse with others that lived their lives differently and be conscious of positive or negative thoughts.

3. Clear out, prioritize and simplify.

We have to begin making room. We should clear our space of things which we don’t need anymore. Furthermore, although de-cluttering our physical space will be quite important, it will also be significant to de-clutter our mind.

We should take the time required every single day of our lives to sit alone and silence. We should permit our thoughts to go away without any judgments, and watch our mind clearing itself of mental clutters.

Meditation is going to permit us to relax in what is now true, so what will always be present for every one of us is just love, without being afraid, and offering us a better connection to our intuition.

4. Let go and be free or hold on and get dragged?

Well, the truth is that we cannot force spiritual awakenings to happen. Every one of us will sometimes meet some tips just like these four which are going to helps us in the effort, but of course, a prescription for our enlightenment does not exist.

We should do what we can, and then let go. If we really want to be spiritually awakened, we are far less probable to experience it. We should know that we are on the right way for us.

We have to remember that awakening spiritually does not necessarily occur once. Our spiritual path and journey are one of evolution and growth.

If we follow the above steps, we are undoubtedly going to find ourselves awaken to deeper consciousness and new awareness.

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