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If You Lose Your Twin Flame, It’s Time To Figure Out Who You Really Are

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by Conscious Reminder

Losing our twin flames will be the most challenging thing that we are ever going to experience.

Whether we lose them because of bereavement or we decide to simply break up with them, the heartbreak that we are going to feel will be real.

However, losing our twin flames do not need to be this world’s end – or our love lives’ end too. Getting our lives back on the track after we lose our twin flames will not be easy, but just with will and intent, we can quickly get through everything.

Permitting ourselves to grieve.

In fact, when we lose our twin flames, we need some time in order to grieve. Mourning our twin flames’ loss is a profoundly personal experience, which is filled with soul shock, and negative emotions.

Even though it seems counterproductive to actually wallow in some negative energy, providing the release right for that particular energy would be better than bottling the energy up for later.

Being aware of when to back up.

We are going to need to stop ourselves from grieving for our lost twin flames at a certain point, maybe when we feel prepared. We have to be wary of permitting ourselves to mourn our twin flames for longer than we should.

We may even convince ourselves about not being prepared to stop just like a defense mechanism, although the time would be right to return from the edge. Several days it will be right. But, after several days, it will be time to begin the process of healing.

Drawing our strength from the separation.

One thing we have to realize at the moment will be that losing our twin flames are not going to break us. Actually, the entire experience is going to make us stronger.

However, we have to draw our strength actively from the separation from our twin flames. This actually means actively taking charge of and healing ourselves and our lives. The primary thing we are supposed to do is expressing our emotions and permitting ourselves to feel them finally.

Sharing with other people will be great, but we should also try not to burden them too much. In fact, this is going to damage our relationships, and it will bring a greater amount of negativity in our lives.

Dealing with hard stuff will teach us how we should deal with quite more difficulties which will appear in our future.

Using meditation for our self-realization.

When we lose our twin flames, we will feel lost. We met our twin souls, and now we do not feel whole when they aren’t with us. It will be time to actually discover ourselves as individuals outside of our relationship with our twin flame.

Meditation will be an excellent way for us to get quiet moments away from everything, such as increased stresses in our lives, and providing us with the vehicle for discovering ourselves.

We should use all these things as our chance to discover probably the best that we may be.

We should know that we are going to meet again.

Finally, we have to remember that we are going to meet our twin flames once again in our next lives, as we did in our past as well. The connection of twin flames is on soul levels, so even though we lost our twin flames in this particular life, we lost them just temporarily.

This will not release the pain that we feel about the loss; however, remembering that all this is just a very small part from a longer journey may help us to keep our perspective in these hard times.

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