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Align With The Powerful Frequencies Of The Pleiades Portal This May 16th-24th

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by Conscious Reminder

If you want to spot the Pleiades in the night sky, look for seven brightly lit stars close to each other.

These celestial bodies have raised many speculations regarding their powers, what is certain though is that their energies influence life on earth.

The Pleiades portal will be opening on May 16 till May 24. This is the time period that this cosmic event takes place year after year.

The specifics of the energy is still unknown, but if you are an energy sensitive person, I’m sure you have felt that the energy is positive. The Pleiades portal will unleash energies that are cosmic.

It will make us realize the beauties and wonders of Mother Earth. It will also help us open our minds to knowing and understanding our inner selves better.

The portal opens for a very short period of time and hence, does not last long. What we need right now is to open ourselves up to new possibilities by meditating and keeping the bright cosmic bodies in our minds. Take in all the energy, and in time, we will see ourselves grow, flourish, and heal.

The Pleiades, also called the Seven Sisters of the sky, are deeply connected to us through our hearts. Let yourself loose and soak in the energies.

Times have been tough on everyone as we live through this COVID-19 global pandemic, so, the need of the hour is to make the most of the cosmic energies that the Pleiades portal will release.

As we have all been quarantined inside our homes for weeks now, it is important to relate and fully feel the cosmic energy.

All this information might feel intimidating at the moment, but remember that the Pleiades portal will release positive energies. The Seven Sisters are impossible to miss in the night sky as they shine brighter than anyone.

Under the influence of this open Pleiades portal, try to gain a deeper understanding of your home and family.

Maybe what the Universe is trying to tell us is that we need to take better care of our homes on earth, and our home that is Earth. Take deep breaths and let the energy heal you.

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