Another Mercury Retrograde Is Coming Soon. This Is What It Means For You

by Conscious Reminder

2018 could be called the year of the retrogrades with a lot of them taking place. 2019, not so much, yet the ones that will take place, would be severe, and quite fascinating to behold. The Mercury Retrograde on March 5 would toss everything up, but it will also result in us being more resilient.

It is of paramount importance that we realize what fate is throwing at us, and take steps early on. For, even if it is just January now, this retrograde has the possibility of upturning everything as Mercury is the ruler of communication, and this retrograde might damage that. The retrograde will last till 28th March, during which Mercury would be in Pisces.

It goes without saying that this retrograde will be creating a lot of problems in our lives. Furthermore, Mercury will retrograde thrice this year, so this year would go in quite some turmoil, with us wondering what went wrong. Relationships would fluctuate, jobs would be inconsistent, and success would be just a speck on the horizon. Yet this is not the end. Hold on.

It is normal to feel as if you are going to be ripped apart at your joints, with every element around you pulling you. It is also possible that you would be conflicting inside, and would have no idea where to go next.

What you need to know at this point, would be to close your ears to these harmful spirits, and resist your mind from acclimatizing to these energies, for they would be more than willing to throw you off your game.

But, blaming the retrograde for every single thing, would be an endeavor in futility. It has some good qualities too. This mercury retrograde will ensure that we get more aware with the passing of time, and understand how to deal with certain situations.

Also, we would be coming to terms with circumstances, and get a new perspective on things. Prior to the Mercury retrograde, we would have been unable to speak our mind out, for we wouldn’t know how to express, even if we had a clear idea in our mind.

This shouldn’t be surprising, for Mercury is the harbinger of communication, and it is inevitable that with the complete disruption of existing communication, something good would definitely come up. If nothing else, we would certainly be more innovative, as time passes.

Mercury retrograde is the best time to retrospect. Since you can never really be prepared for it in advance, as the closer it gets, the more intense it becomes. Simply put, the only way to deal with this situation, with this retrograde, is not by trying to prevent it, but by trying to let it pass through you, letting it allow you to gain some perspective.

Introspect on yourself, and question everything you are, while also retrospecting on your past, and understanding the reason and consequences behind your actions. If you have made mistakes, this is the time to think about them, and realize what to do in order to not repeat them again. The bottom line is simple- you have to be aware of the present, while never losing sight of the present.

In conclusion, it can only be said that Mercury retrograde is an event that can never be stopped. It would leave us sluggish, and unable to take and make good decisions.

Don’t sign declarations, or forms just yet. You need to be able to understand and identify the root of all communication, for this retrograde will definitely affect it.

It’s time that you take care for March might not be that far.

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