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Is Your Twin Flame Ignoring You? This Is Why It Happens And What To Do About It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Most of you were probably sometimes ignored by your twin flames. Your twin flame, but also another person that you perceive as your twin flame, doesn’t give you the chance to establish a good friendship with him or her or any other type of bond. However, we are talking about ignoring you as you are invisible, and even as you don’t exist at all.

First of all, keep in your mind that your twin does not ignore you, but hopes that the undeniable bond between you will vanish into denial so that they will escape dealing with it anymore.

The inner energy which they will need to manage will probably open some intimate areas inside them which were closed from some time, or they protected them so well.

Another exciting thing is when people become aware of the spirit of their twin flame, regardless of their running and trying to escape the connection, they will never be left alone.

When they reach out to their twin flame, but he or she will not respond, they should stop running after them. Sometimes, this ignoring from their twin flame can be hurtful, painful, embarrassing and humiliating.

It will feel like the most profound part of them rejected them, and they will feel an even bigger pain. However, they have to remember that controlling their emotions will be much better for them than everything else.

Usually, such things happen in order to help people rise up their self-esteem, or also enable them to reach a certain point which forces them to improve their value and self-worth.

The single way they will be respected by their twin flames will be by merely respecting themselves. Although this can be for every single friendship and relationship in the world, when they raise their self-esteem, their twin flame will also have to do the same. Unfortunately, ignoring is part of every twin flame relation, as sometimes, it will be easier for them to ignore each other, instead of facing one another and tell their feelings.

For example, it may be extremely challenging when your partner is not aware of your true self, and everything he or she really wants is to you to open to them, in order to get to know you even better.

You should work on yourself and make sure you develop the energy inside you, which is usually referred to as the light inside you.

When you allow the inner energy or also the light to blossom and grow, it will be something which your twin flame does not need to admire, simply being aware that they are just one piece of something pure and good.

There are people who are led by the ego, so they are not able to build consciousness between daily life and inner energy. The ego can play a huge part in the perspective of people for their own selves, and the way they evolve through their life.

The journey of every one of us is authentic, but there are some who are going to learn that a Universe exists far beyond the ego. When this growth occurs, they will become aware of spirit too, regardless of the fact if they are prepared to accept their twin flame partner or not.

That is why you have to give your partner some space to first lead their journey. Allow the deep appreciation and love within you to grow, despite the fact that if anyone will acknowledge such forces in you or not.

Also, give yourself energy, beyond your ego, and even beyond your everyday emotions. The Universe within you is the place where the union and vibrations of your partner twin flame reside. Connect with them on a spiritual and higher level before it is too late.

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Noemi Feliz January 16, 2019 - 12:15 pm

What do you mean “before it’s too late”?


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