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You Will Find It Surprising Why Empaths Constantly Fall For The ‘Wounded Narcissists’

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Actions say more than words. But unfortunately, it is only words and an inflated, grandiose sense of their ‘own-selves’ is what one ever obtains while being in a relationship with a narcissist.

While they are perfectly gratified with a liaison with their empathetic partners, the same cannot be said for the other who is ensnared with a high-minded persona, so alien to their own, that they are rendered hapless.

Pride And Prejudice

The narcissist is constantly compelled by the need to pontificate themselves and thus feel entitled to the praises that they receive from their empathetic better halves.

Empaths, owning to their compassionate attribute of nature, perceive this as childish cajoling- a much needed boost of assurance from their beloved.

But little do they comprehend this lack of finer sensibilities in reality is the insatiable hunger for admiration, earned at the cost of lauding and through criticism of others by looking down upon them.

Narcissists are themselves wary of such behavior and think that they warrant devotion by dint of them being infallible.

It is like Drax and Mantis- where he introduces her as “gross bug lady” friend to hideous looking and all she says is that she is “certainly grateful to be ugly”.

The empath’s diligent “Keeping up with Narcissus” is mostly undermined and ignored- thus feeling caged in an endless charade of one sided appreciation.

Empaths are exploited as a do-gooder emotional sponge intentionally mistaken by the narcissist as an ardent fan.

Tis A Waste

In Woody Allen’s Annie Hall, Alvy Singer candidly articulates that relationships are like sharks that have to constantly move forward in order to thrive. But such a toxic relationship, with such extremities, is sure to perish.

This trauma bonding where one pulls and the other pushes too deep is an emotional suicide for the empath- high diving into the frozen lakes of a narcissist’s abyss of aloofness will only result in drowning.

Thus concluding such a relation is not a loss, rather a positive step towards self-healing.

If you are in a relation like this, then my friend, a dead shark it is over an emotionally exhausted you.

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