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Wondering If You Are An Empath? What It Actually Means & 12 Telltale Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

If at any point in time, you felt like being extremely aware of the feelings of people around you, then you may be an empath. It is not an uncommon term, but what is its meaning?

What Being An Empath Means

A person who is particularly attuned with the emotions and energy around them is called an empath. The word comes from “empathy”. So these people take empathy to an unusual level. They are usually loving, intuitive, and sensitive. But they can also be a physical and emotional sponge and absorb the world’s stress and negativity.

12 Important Traits Of An Empath:

1. Clairsentience

Intuition has four “clairs”. The most usual of them is clairsentience. It means messages come through feelings. Empaths have an unusual strength in feeling the psychic pathway.

2. There Is Another “Clair” Within You

Others clairs like claircognizance (messages in the form of spontaneous insights); clairvoyance (mental images); or clairaudience (as if someone is talking) may also be present in an empath.

3. You Are Often Over-Stimulated

This is because empaths are under constant bombardment by their surrounding energy. The negative energy of one person can be enough to misbalance an empath, even if the setting is calm.

4. You Have Difficulties With Boundaries

Setting boundaries can be tough for empaths. For one, they are always looking to help. Secondly, they do not necessarily know about stopping their ability.

5. You Can Feel What Others Are Feeling

This trait is one of empathy’s most fundamental ones. Empaths don’t need words to know that a person is upset. Their bodies automatically start feeling it.

6. Crowds Overwhelm You

Crowds are not fun for empaths who are not masters of their mental bubble. All the individuals’, as well as a collective crowd’s energy, gets picked up in a crowd.

7. You Must Consciously Choose To Prevent Energy From Coming In

Empaths often face difficulty blocking out external energy. Mindfully tuning them out is an essential skill that has to be mastered over time, for empaths.

8. You Are Extra-Sensitive, Even More When You Were A Child

Many empaths had their first indication when they were young. But the gift can awaken later too. A young mind may have failed to understand the sensitivity, and closed it off to protect themselves.

9. Helping Or Healing Comes Naturally To You

Empaths have the desire to alleviate the pain of others because they feel it in their body. People around you may recognize this and search for empaths to help them.

10. You Are Strongly Affected By Physical Spaces

The energy of physical spaces is also picked up by empaths. As a result, specific places and their maintenance will affect the empath.

11. You Often Find Yourself Isolated

The sense of isolation can come from not being able to understand why an empath has the ability and no one else does. Empaths can also seek isolation to take a break from the overwhelming energy of people.

12. You Need Alone Time To Recharge

Lastly, often, empaths are also introverts. As a result, they need time to recharge their energy when it becomes too draining.

Alone time for recharging is not wrong. But too much of it can be negative. So empaths must know about protecting their energy.

In Conclusion

Connecting deeply with others can be positive and very powerful. It makes it much easier to understand other perspectives and be happy when others are happy. On the other hand, the childhood of an empath can be cruel.

Children can unwittingly hurt others as well because of their sensitivity. They are also prone to pleasing others. Empaths can also get easily drained or anxious, if not properly handled.

The empath experience can be extremely powerful. But it can also be incredibly overwhelming. Fortunately, a bit of practice and awareness will help empaths turn off this ability. At the end of the day, the heightened sensitivity is a gift. 

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