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Mars, Jupiter, And Saturn Will Be Visible On The Sky All June

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by Conscious Reminder 

We have just witnessed the Sagittarian Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this weekend, but June has so much more to offer us astronomically and astrologically.

Most believe that the events in our skies are indications of what is about to happen in our physical world. The Summer Eclipse season has started and is here to stay for a month.

It will prepare us for major transformations, growth, and opportunities. On a collective level, we are putting our hearts first to move on to a new way of being.

From the first weekend of the month, the June sky will be adorned by the wonderful view of 3 planets Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

In our visible part of the Universe, we will find Saturn and Jupiter in close proximity this month.

Although our Moon and Venus are still brighter than the other planets, skygazers can easily view the two other planets in the June sky without any tools. And you will find Mars just on the left side of Saturn.

Telescope is not mandatory to view these 3 spectacular planets, but the view will be best under a clear sky.

If you are keen on having the best view of the rare planets in the June sky, go to a place with minimal obstructions and an open horizon. Higher the ground, better will be your view.

You will have to wake up early in the morning, around 5 am and gaze at the southern sky. This weekend is the first opportunity to view the three planets.

If you do not manage to catch a glimpse, worry not. You will have plenty of other chances to view them for the rest of the month.

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