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Libra New Moon Rising Today: Time For Some Fresh New Energy As The Old Patterns Fall Apart

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by Conscious Reminder

The New Moon of Libra has always been a good time for relationships and mending ways with people but this time things do not look as good.

This will be a time where we will feel compelled to follow some rules that we might or might not like but the thing is, we wouldn’t have much of a choice.

If you have been following the news lately, you might have seen the kind of things that are happening and the New Moon has quite a bit to do with these things. The world around us pretty different from what Libra characteristically is- which is calm and peaceful.

Chances are that you are feeling pretty restless as well.

We know that the ruling planet of Libra is Venus, the planet of love and all things pleasant but she is not in the best of her moods. Right now, she is dark and wants to know what is going on inside us and who we really are as people. She wants us to look deep inside our own selves and find out what we are lying to ourselves and others about. Evidently, it is an uncomfortable time.

Let us not forget to consider the trine that is about to form- the New Moon, Venus and Neptune. With Neptune and Venus coming together, it will be an inspiring time. A good time for all kinds of art is what we are looking at. This time will also bless us all with some quiet and calmness, which will be much appreciated given the current conditions.

Relationships will be tricky during this time, and will ask for more than just a passing conversation or say a small gift. There will be conflict, no matter how much one tries to run from it. Resolution will also come your way but it would not be the easiest. There will a good amount of emotional taxation that everyone in a relationship will be subjected to.

Some talk of the past will also come up, especially about relationships and friendships that ended without much of a closure.

While all of this is an unchangeable reality, none of this will ruin things forever. There is all the possibility that if we accept what is happening the way it is supposed to be and instead of fighting it, figure out a way around it, we are going to be alright. It will be exhausting but nothing is going to be impossible.

The New Moon will also be crossing paths with the minor planet Ceres, who is the goddess of everything maternal, so if you feel particularly drawn towards babies or suddenly find that nothing makes you happier than hanging out with your nephew, you will know who is responsible. Your motherly instincts are going to be at an all time high and that is not necessarily a bad thing, so have fun with that.

We will also feel the need to work on our diets and eat better than we generally do, which is also a welcome change.

Lastly, it is a good time for new beginnings, so do not hold back. New relationships, projects, whatever it might be- it is a good time for all of that. Keep people you love close to you and work on the issues that you might have with anyone.

Getting to this now is likely to yield positive as well as long lasting effects, so plunge right into it, you cannot ignore conflict anyway, so might as well get something out of it.

All the best.

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