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4 Things That Will Help You Forgive & Let Go Of Resentment

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by Conscious Reminder

Although for many people, forgiveness seems an impossible and scary thing, and sometimes many of us look for specific reasons in order not to forgive, forgiveness isn’t about others, it is only about us.

Forgiveness is about our own selves, our inner peace, happiness, wellbeing, and health. Also, it is the gift we give to ourselves, and after that to other people.

The moment we give forgiveness another chance, we are going to discover all those unbelievable feelings of inner peace and freedom which come our way.

Here, we are going to share one simple but powerful ancient Hawaiian technique or practice, which is known as Ho’oponopono, which contains four beautiful phrases which are supposed to help people in letting go of their resentment, then forgive, and after that permit their love to simply govern their hearts.

How can we release resentment? Here are those four phrases:

I am sorry

With our eyes closed, we should imagine the individual we would like to forgive, or the person that we want to forgive us, sitting before us and repeating the three magical words to him or her: I am sorry.

In fact, if we feel great resentment and anger towards that individual or we think that he or she feels towards us, at first it is going to feel fake, but as we continue with the practice, things are going to change, and we are going to release the resistance step by step.

Please forgive me

Holding on resentment will never bring us something good, so we should release it and permit love and inner peace to govern our hearts. If this individual hurts us or we hurt him or her, it isn’t important at all. Everything that really matters is for us to simply ask and permit the process of forgiving to happen by saying these three words: Please forgive me. This will be really helpful.

Thank you

Although we might not quite understand why we have to say “Thank you” to someone that treated us unkindly, or someone we treated unkindly, the resistance is going to be there; however, as we are going to go more profound into this practice, everything is going to change, and everything is going to start making sense to us.

I love you

We are going to feel greater resistance when we get to the fourth part, and just like we already mentioned, at first, it is going to feel really fake, but as we go more profound into this practice, we are going to find ourselves feeling more at peace and relaxed.

This practice is definitely going to help us release resentment and also forgive not just the ones that treated us unkindly, but also ourselves, keeping us sane in this world, which sometimes seems crazy.

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